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TimeSolv Version 20230910 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: September 10, 2023

  1. Enhancement – Ability To Create Custom Retainer Invoices Using Word Templates
    A new section tab “Retainer Invoices” has been added on the Invoices>Settings screen. This screen allows users to create and upload custom templates to be used to generate Retainer Invoices.
    To learn more, click here.
  2. Enhancement – Ability To Manage Schedules For Interactive Reports
    A new link, “Manage Schedules” has been added to the Standard Report’s dashboard, which lists schedules for the logged-in user. The link opens a dialog to display schedule details like the Report, Scheduled/Running/Completed status, frequency, next run date, etc.
    To learn more, click here.
  3. Enhancement – Include Inactive Checkbox Added To Time And Expense Search For Client-Matter And Timekeeper Filters
    Under the “More Options” the Time Search and the Expense Search screens now have Include Inactive checkboxes above the Client-Matter and the Timekeeper filters. These will be checked by default so the search results are displayed with inactive Client-Matters and/or Timekeepers.
  4. Enhancement – On The New Reports, Export Dialog Simplified To Show Fewer Options
    When the users click on the Export icon on the Report’s Quick Menu, fewer options appear on the popup dialog to simplify the export process.
    To learn more, click here.
  5. Enhancement – Hand Icon Displayed On Dashboard Charts With Drill Down Information 
    To indicate that drilled-down information is available for the chart, a hand icon is displayed on the Dashboards. Users can click on the bar to view the details by Client, by Matters, and by Timekeepers.
  6. Enhancement – Drill Down Option Added On Financial Dashboard’s Collection Chart
    Information on the Financial Dashboard’s Collection Chart can now be drilled down by Client & Matter, Received amount, and Unallocated amount.
  7. Enhancement – Drill Down Option Added On Financial Dashboard’s Billing Chart
    Information on the Financial Dashboard’s Billing Chart can now be drilled down by Invoice Number, Client & Matter, Date, and Amount.
  8. Enhancement – More Options Added In The Group By Filter On The New Time Entries Report
    On the new Time Entries report, two more options “Client and Matter and Invoice Number” and “Client and Matter and Payment Date” have been added to the Group By filter. Also, the Excel version of the report shows the Payment Date column.
  9. Enhancement – Client/Matter Selector Added To The Client And Billing Filters On The  New Time Entries Report
    On the new Time Entries report, the Client/Matter selector has been added to the Category, Sub-category, and Billing Category filters. Selecting Client filters the result by Clients and when Matter is selected, the report shows data filtered by Matters.
  10. Enhancement – Visibility Of The Pop-up Dialogs Improved On The New Reports
    Visibility of the Popups that appeared when selecting values for the filters has been improved so the dialogs appear in the top portion of the screen.
  11. Bug – Unallocated Transfers To Trust Not Visible On The Financial Dashboard’s Metric
    It was internally identified that when an unallocated amount was transferred to a Trust Account, it did not show up on the Financial Dashboard’s Trust Deposit metric. This has been fixed.
  12. Bug – Loading Process Continues To Display After The Report Is Exported
    It was internally identified that when the new Time Entries report was exported, the loading process was continuously displayed. This has been fixed.
  13. Bug – Large Reports Created From Quick Schedule Do Not Show Up Under Schedule Completed Filter
    It was internally identified that the reports generated via Quick Schedule and having a file size larger than 2MB were not showing up under the schedule completed filter. This has been fixed.
  14. Bug – Time Entry And Expense Entry Reports Appending Description To the Task Code
    It was internally identified that the Time Entry and Expense Entry Reports were appending the Task Code description whereas it should appear below the Time or Expense entry in the Internal Notes row. This has been fixed.
  15. Bug – On The New Reports, Time Zones Did Not Match In the Live Preview And The Exported PDF
    It was internally identified that the Time zone on the New Report’s live preview did not match with the PDF exported file. This has been fixed.
  16. Bug – Client Selection On The Client Dashboard Was Not Persisting
    It was internally identified that the Client selection on the Client Dashboard was not persisting when the Include Inactive checkbox was clicked. This has been resolved.
  17. Bug – Minor UI Issue On The Client Dashboard When Selecting A Custom Date Range
    It was internally identified that when selecting a Custom Date Range on the Client Dashboard, extra space showed up towards the end of the screen. This has been fixed.

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