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New Reports – Overview

New Reports – Overview

TimeSolv’s New Reports provide reporting with the highest level of precision, performance, scale, and enhanced drill-down interactivity.

Exporting Reports

Quick Schedule



TimeSolv’s New Reports feature provides an aggregated view of the Firm’s data with different levels of filtering, offering a richer experience with an extensive drilled-down capability.

For example, by grouping the Time Entry Report by “Client & Matter & Invoice Number,” the report displays the information by Client, Matter, and Invoices, and it can be further filtered on the date the Invoices were entered, invoiced, or paid.

The Quick Scheduling option on the menu creates schedules for the reports to be run at specified times and duration. To learn more, scroll below to the section on Quick Schedules.

These reports can be accessed from the main Menu>Reports>Reports Dashboard. If the New Report is available and the toggle switch next to it is turned on, the New Report is displayed, otherwise, the standard report is displayed.

To learn more, click here on Report Dashboard.

Manage the generated report using the quick-access menu, which lets you export and schedule the report.

Exporting Reports

The Export option allows users to export the report in various formats, as shown below.

Clicking on the ‘More Options’ displays the Run Linked Report. This option generates the linked report if it is related to other reports in the PDF result.

You can leave this option unchecked if you are only interested in the preliminary information.

Generating linked reports containing large amounts of data may cause performance issues if they are sent for processing all at once.

Exporting as an Excel file gives users a richer experience with titles shown in bold text and expanded. If the report has the “Include Internal Notes” checked and notes have been entered in the Time Entry’s description field, the Excel file shows the notes in a separate column.


Refresh, Undo/Redo

The Refresh button refreshes the data on the screen, while the arrows let you perform respective Undo/Redo actions on various sections.


Quick Schedule

Create a quick schedule to send out reports immediately or periodically on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule at the specified time.

Report Schedules created from the New Reports are automatically disabled when the user who created the schedules becomes inactive.

If an inactive user with schedules is made active again, the system will not automatically turn on the schedules, so they must be activated manually.

Time Type: Immediately – Sends the selected report schedule immediately, bypassing the scheduled run time.

Time Type: Periodically – The report is scheduled and sent on the specified schedule.

The ‘Publish To’ option lets you publish your reports to an email address or an FTP site. The Report’s output format can be set to either PDF or Excel.

Schedules created from the dialog get listed on the Standard Reports Dashboard>Manage Schedules.

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