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How to setup Cabinet Workspace in NetDocuments

There may be isolated instances where Matters do not show up in TimeSolv. This happens because the syncing process is an async process, where Clients/Matters syncing takes place simultaneously with items queued for processing.

If the items in the queue get stuck due to a bandwidth issue or for some other reason, you may see unsynced items.

Syncing issues also occur if NetDocuments does not have Workspace configured correctly in both TimeSolv and NetDocuments.


Follow the steps below to see if the settings are correct.

Settings in TimeSolv App

As a first step, disconnect and reconnect to NetDocuments from TimeSolv App and see if the Matters have synced. This is in case of processes held up, as mentioned in the previous section:

1. From the TimeSolv App, disconnect from NetDocuments using the grey ‘Disconnect from NetDocuments’ button on the TimeSolv>>Documents>>Settings>>General screen.

2. Reconnect to NetDocuments

3. Select the Workspace Cabinet from the dropdown. Usually, if the Workspace Cabinet is not selected, the syncing process won’t work as this is a prerequisite in the syncing process.

4. Select the Profile Attribute. This is not a prerequisite but will ensure proper syncing between TimeSolv and NetDocuments.

5. Use the ‘Sync Client / Matter Folders inNetDocuments’ to initiate the syncing.


You should be able to see the folders synced.

If not, check for configuration settings in the NetDocuments portal described in the next section.

Setting Up Cabinet Document Attributes in NetDocuments

Login to the NetDocuments account and select the desired cabinet. Scroll down to the ‘Configurable Document Attributes’ section.

Ensure that the Matter Profile Attribute is associated with the Client Profile Attribute for the syncing process to work correctly.

The configuration in NetDocuments should be set up as shown below:

1. Cabinet Document Attributes



2. Matter Profile Attribute Association with Client Profile Attribute

Next, from the left navigation, select Profile Attributes and click the Create button to create your new Profile Attribute.


Enter the appropriate Document Attribute and the Client Profile Attribute in the ‘Name’ and the ‘Link to Parent’ fields, respectively.


With the above settings properly in place, the syncing process should work.

If you still face issues, please get in touch with TS support for further assistance.

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