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TimeSolv Version 20230701 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: July 01, 2023

#1. Enhancement: Using Available Funds To Pay And Allocate From Sent Invoices Screen

On the Invoices>Sent Invoices>Currency Icon>Use Existing Credits popup dialog, Firm Admins can now use the existing Payments and Credits to pay Invoices and thus utilize available funds.
To learn more about this feature, click here on Currency Icon.

#2. Enhancement: Added Firm View And Client View Option When Previewing Invoice PDF

Using the ‘Display’ dropdown on the Invoices>Draft/Sent Invoices>Magnifying Glass icon>PDF Preview dialog, the Firm Admins can opt to see information with varying levels of detail for both the Draft and the Sent Invoices. When the Invoice is finally sent out, it will only have information that the customer needs to see.
To learn more, click here on the Firm View/Client View option for Flexible Templates.

#3. Enhancement: Columns Added To The CSV Version Of Time And Expense Entry Reports

On the CSV version of the Time Entries and Expense Entries Interactive Reports, additional columns have been added to show Client Id, Matter Id, Invoice Number, Created, Created By, Last Updated, and Last Updated By.

#4. Enhancement: Preventing Negative Adjustments On Matters With Total Less Than Zero

When a negative adjustment was applied, a customer reported that an incorrect Total was shown on the Invoice screen under the ‘Invoice Total’ section. The Invoice screen has been enhanced to display a validation message if a user attempts to apply negative adjustments where the Matter Total becomes less than zero.

#5. Enhancement: Improvements To The Staff, Client, And Financial Dashboards

1. Staff Dashboard: Labels and descriptions changed on the Top Timekeeper Chart’s dropdown and on the Target vs Actual chart. On the Target vs Actual chart, added Target, Worked, and Billed legends under the Rate tab, while on the Realization Rate chart, ‘Unbilled’ was renamed to ‘NB/NC.’
2. Client Dashboard: Added Billed in the dropdown and changed labels for Worked and Collected in the Top Clients chart. In the Top Originating Timekeeper chart, added the option to filter by Top 5 or Bottom 5 Timekeepers.
3. Financial Dashboard
– Metrics Bar: On the Metrics Bar, descriptions and tooltips are updated to present information more clearly.
– Aged Invoice Chart: The tooltips on all the tabs of the Aged Invoice chart have been enhanced to show the breakdown of the amount, e.g., Fees, Expense, Tax, Discount, Adjustment, and Interest, etc. Also, on the Aged Invoice chart, the information is shown as of the end date of the selected date range instead of as of today.
#6. Bug: The System Takes Too Long When Downloading LEDES Invoices In Bulk

A customer reported that when downloading LEDES (1998B) Invoices in bulk, the system would take too long and give an error. This has been fixed by improving the process of downloading the LEDES invoices in bulk.

#7. Bug: The Financial Dashboard’s Data Table Not Showing Data For Firms With Just One Client
During internal testing, it was identified that if a Firm had just one client, the Data Table on the Financial Dashboard would not display any data. This has been fixed so that the Data Table displays the information even if there is only one client in the Firm.
#8. Bug: The Total Refunded Amount is Not Shown On The Transactions Screen’s Pop-up
During internal testing, it was identified that when hovering over the details icon on the Transactions screen, the popup was not showing the Total Refunded amount. This has been fixed, and the refunded amount is being displayed in the popup.
#9. Bug: The Financial Dashboard’s Collection By Payment Method Chart Showing An Incorrect Allocated Amount
It was internally identified that the Collection By Payment Method chart on the Financial Dashboard was only showing the Allocated Amount, whereas it should show Allocated plus the Unallocated amount. This has been fixed.
#10. Bug: Trust Payments For Selected Period Not Shown On Client Dashboard’s Data Table 
It was internally identified that on the Client Dashboard’s Data Table, Trust Payments were not shown when a user selected ‘Selected Period’ from the Data Table’s ‘Show Billed/Collected for’ dropdown. This has been fixed.
#11. Bug: Various Fixes Applied To Different Charts On The Financial Dashboard
During internal testing, some issues were identified and fixed on the Financial Dashboard:
1. For Consolidated Invoices, the Matter level row in the Data Table was incorrectly displaying the Collected Amount.
2. When selecting Account Receivable from the Top Timekeeper Chart, the Bottom 5 Timekeepers were displayed in descending order.
3. On the Matters Added chart, the same color was used in the bars for different years.

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