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TimeSolv Version 20230505 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: May 05, 2023

#1. Enhancement: Dynamically Displaying Refund or Void on the Refunds Dialog

When clicking the Refund link on the Refundable Payments tab, the resulting dialog dynamically displays ‘Refund’ or ‘Void’ depending on the Transaction’s settlement status. A cautionary note on Voiding has also been added toward the top of the dialog for Transactions that include a Surcharge.
To learn more, click here on Managing Payments.

#2. Enhancement: Ability to View Budget Details for a Timekeeper’s Assigned Matters

On the Timekeeper’s Permissions screen, a Budgets dropdown has been added to allow the Timekeeper to view how far away the Timekeeper is from hitting the targeted budget.
Click here on Timekeeper Permissions for more details.

#3. Enhancement: A New Version of the QuickBooks Sync Tool Published for Mac OS Ventura

A new version of the QuickBooks Sync Online tool for Mac OS Ventura has been published, including the fix for the Trust Transfer from Operating Account issue.

#4. Bug: Custom Label Not Displaying Correctly on the Client Portal When Re-Labelling Tax

A customer reported that when the Tax label was set to a user-defined label, it was still showing up on the Client Portal as Tax and not as the one set up by the user. This has been fixed, and the custom labels appear correctly on the Client Portal.
#5. Bug: Unable to Sync Any Clients and Matters on NetDocuments
Multiple customers reported that they were unable to sync any Clients and Matters on NetDocuments. It was identified as a configuration issue related to the cabinet workspace attribute, the cabinet’s Matter attribute, and linking the Client attribute with the Matter attribute. The customer was able to resolve the issue by correctly configuring the workspace.
To learn more, click here on Configuring Profile Attributes in NetDocuments.

#6. Bug: The AR Amount For One of the Timekeepers is Not Showing Up Correctly

During internal testing, it was found that the AR was not showing up correctly for some Timekeepers. It was identified that the process to update AR was running at the day’s end or 12:00 am. This has been fixed by adding one day to the ‘AsOfDate’ to get the updated AR for that day.

#7. Bug: Recurring Payments in TimeSolvPay Failed to Process
A customer had set up multiple Recurring Payments in TimeSolv, but they did not go through into TimeSolvPay or get processed on the specified date. This has been fixed, and the Recurring Payments are being processed on the specified date.

#8. Bug: The Time and Expense Analytics Screen Retaining Previous User’s Data

It was internally identified that when a user logged out and logged in with another user, the Time and Expense Analytics screens would not refresh the data and still show the older data. This has been fixed.

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