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  1. NetDocuments Integration
  2. Workspace View Configured Already
  3. Configuring Workspace View
  4. Internal Server Error Related to NetDocuments

NetDocuments Integration

Click on Documents>Settings.

Click on Configure NetDocuments.

Select Server Region.

Click on Connect to NetDocuments button.

After successful authorization, cabinet selection and verification that the selected cabinet has Workspace view enabled and configured, a folder will be created in NetDocuments for every active Client and Matter in TimeSolv. Any existing data (i.e. Client, Matter, default folder and files) will be visible in TimeSolv. 

Sign into your NetDocuments account.

Note: any files uploaded to NetDocuments from TimeSolv will appear as if they were uploaded by the person whose login credentials were used to authorize TimeSolv to connect to your NetDocuments account.

Workspace View Configured Already

If you already have setup workspace view in your NetDocuments account, please verify:

1. You have enabled workspace in a cabinet and the workspace is based on a profile attribute.

Available in Admin>Cabinets>Selected Cabinet>Defineworkspace templates.



2. The profile attribute, the workspace is based on, uses lookup table and has been liked to a parent profile attribute which also uses lookup table.

Available in Admin>Define Profile Attributes>Selected Profile Attribute>Edit>Modify attribute definition.


Configuring Workspace View

Here is how to setup workspace view in NetDocuments:

    1. Setting up Profile Attributes:

Go to Admin>Define profile attributes and define two attributes Client and Matter as shown in the screenshots below:

Note: It is not necessary that you name them Client and Matter. You can use any names. It is recommended that you use Client and Matter.




Add another profile attribute named ‘Document Type‘ if you want to see default folders under each Matter.


Edit ‘Document Type‘ profile attribute to define set of default folders.



2. Configuring Cabinet:

From Admin>Cabinets, click on ‘Add Cabinet’ to create a new Cabinet.



2.2 From Admin>Cabinets, click on the TimeSolv cabinet to configure it.


2.3 Click on Define workspace templates to select base profile attribute for the workspace.



2.4 Set up Client-Matter titles in NetDocuments as shown below. Remember to click the Save Templates button (above) afterwards.


 It shall show the client matter names as shown below:


Internal Server Error Related to NetDocuments

“Internal Server error displays if a user tries to reconfigure NetDocuments.”

When users Revoke Access for TimeSolv from within NetDocuments website, the following error message is displayed:


The user will be led to a page where they can configure NetDocuments again.

Note: There is a lag time when a user Revokes Access of TimeSolv from within NetDocuments. The AccessToken is no longer valid whenever TimeSolv sends a service call. During this time all operations will remain valid, i.e. a new document is created and updated in NetDocuments.

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