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TimeSolv Version 20231118 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: November 18, 2023

  1. Enhancement – Ability To Add Default Email Text When Creating Retainer Invoices
    On the Invoice Settings>Retainer Invoices tab, a new section, “Narratives,” has been added, which contains fields to include any default note on the Retainer and default email body text for the email sent to the Client. Similarly, these fields allow messages to be inserted directly from the New Retainer Invoice and the Send Retainer Invoice dialogs. To learn more, click here.
  2. Enhancement – Sending Email Notifications To Firm Admins When TimeSolvPay ACH Transaction Fails
    To immediately identify bank related ACH rejections and failures, an email gets sent to the Firm Admin as soon as there is a failed ACH Transaction. The email contains details of the transaction and the failure message received from STAX. To learn more, click here.
  3. Enhancement – Displaying Failed TimeSolvPay ACH Transactions On The Transactions Screen
    On the TimeSolvPay>Transactions screen, ACH Transactions voided due to bank reversals and clawbacks are displayed with the status “Voided/Reversed” and an error icon is displayed next to them. Hovering over the icon shows a brief message on the type of failure which caused it to be marked as such.
    Transactions that have undergone a reversal or a clawback, can be searched using the new “Voided/Reversed” option added in the dropdown of the “Status” filter. To learn more, click here.
  4. Enhancement – Automatically Syncing Payment Allocations With QuickBooks Online
    Like the QuickBooks Desktop app, QuickBooks Online now automatically syncs Payment Allocations so that users do not have to manually enter them.
  5. Enhancement – Ability To Copy Task Code Narratives When Copying/Moving Time Entries
    Read-only Task Code narratives now get populated in the description field when creating a copy or moving a Time Entry. This feature is also enforced on the Time Entry Approval screen.
  6. Enhancement – Performance Improvements Made To The Time Entry Search
    The Time Search screen has been optimized for improved performance and page loading when bringing up search results for huge data sets. Additionally, the totals for hours and amounts are now displayed on the first page instead of the user having to navigate to the last page to see them.
  7. Enhancement – Saving User Level Preferences On The Dashboard Chart’s Dropdowns
    The Dashboards now save user preferences, so users’ last selections are retained when they return or use a different browser/computer. This implementation is specifically applied to the Dashboard Chart’s input elements and dropdowns.
  8. Enhancement – Added A New Zero AR Chart On The Financial Dashboard
    A Zero AR Chart has been added to the Financial Dashboard. Displayed as a pie chart, it shows with and without Zero AR data over an Average Collection Period, Invoices charged, and the Collected Amount. It also shows the count of Invoices that have been collected and the total amount collected through Zero AR.
  9. Enhancement – Added A WIP Chart For Time And Expense On The Financial Dashboard
    A WIP Chart has been added to the Financial Dashboard. The aging for WIP is calculated on the Time and Expense card data over different periods and is displayed as bars with the Total shown against each bar. Users can select WIP, Time only, or Expense only. Clicking on the bar drills down to show Client-Matter with their respective WIP, Time, and Expense details.
  10. Enhancement – On The New Reports, Added “Include Inactive” To The Timekeeper And Client-Matter Dropdowns
    On the New Reports, “Include Inactive” option has been added for the Timekeeper and Client-Matter dropdowns where applicable. The dropdowns supporting the Include Inactive checkbox do not immediately filter the information in the dropbox but instead, the affect is visible when the user hits the Generate Report button.
  11. Bug – Unable To Change The Invoice Period On Incomplete Fixed Fee Invoices
    It was internally identified that users cannot change the invoice period when they create a flat-fee invoice (without Time) and mark it as incomplete. This has been fixed.
  12. Bug – Sub Task Code Field Appears When Moving Time Entries
    It was internally identified that when creating a New Time Entry from the Time Search screen, and moving the Time Entry, the Sub-Task Code field appeared even though it was not set as a required field. The Description field was also getting populated with the Sub-Task Code’s description. This has been fixed.
  13. Bug – Data Not Displayed On The Financial Dashboard’s Top Timekeepers Chart When Drilling Down On Timekeeper
    It was internally identified that on the Financial Dashboard’s Top Timekeeper Chart, no data was displayed when clicking on the Timekeeper bar for Billed and Collected views. This has been fixed.
  14. Bug – Hours Sign Not Showing Up On The Staff Dashboard
    It was internally identified that on the Staff Dashboard, the “h” for hours was not displayed on the y-axis of the charts. This has been fixed.
  15. Bug – UI Related Client Dashboard Issues Resolved
    The following internally identified UI-related issues were fixed on the Client Dashboard:

    1. On the Client Dashboard’s Matters Added chart, the second-level drill-down information under the “Started” column was showing up as improperly aligned.
    2. On the Client Dashboard’s data table, drilling down to the Matter level would disturb the alignment of the columns.
    3. The Client selector dropdown was showing autofill suggestions.

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