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TimeSolv Version 20231105 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: November 05, 2023

  1. Enhancement – Introduced “Revised Timekeeper Classification Codes – (2014)” For LEDES 2000
    New Timekeeper Classification Codes have been added to the Matter Details>Invoice Settings>Invoice Delivery>Format dropdown list. From the LEDES 2000>Settings button>popup window, users can select the new “Use Revised Timekeeper Classification Codes – (2014)” and associate the new codes with the Timekeepers.
    To learn more, click here.
  2. Enhancement – Option To Enter Time And Expense For Own And Specific Timekeepers
    On the Account>Timekeepers>Permissions>Time/Expense dropdowns, another option, “For Own and Specific Timekeeper,” has been added for “Timekeepers” users type. This option is similar to the “Support” type users and allows Timekeeper to enter Time and Expense for selected Timekeepers in addition to their own entries.
    To learn more, click here.
  3. Enhancement – Improved UI For The Firm Dashboards And The Time/Expense Analytics Dashboards
    On the Firm Dashboards (Staff, Client, Financials) and Time/Expense Analytics screens, the gear icon to add the charts is replaced with an “Add Charts” button. Clicking on the button opens an improved version of the add chart functionality, which shows a preview of available charts along with their descriptions. To learn more, click here.
  4. Enhancement – On The Financial Dashboard, WIP Added In The Dropdown For Top Clients Chart And Top Timekeepers Chart
    WIP has been added in the dropdown on the following Financial Dashboard charts. The WIP information includes worked but unbilled time and expense entries and those that are part of the draft invoices:

    1. Top Clients: The client bar drills down to display breakdown by Matter, WIP, Time, and Expense. The Matter drills down further to list Timekeepers working on the selected Matter, with the Timekeeper’s name, WIP, Time, and Expense. Expenses not associated with the Timekeeper are also displayed.
    2. Top Timekeeper Chart: The Timekeeper bar drills down to display a breakdown by Client, WIP, Time, and Expense. The Client drills down further to list Matters for the selected Client, with Matter, WIP, Time, and Expense.
  5. Bug – Timecard Category Field Does Not Refresh When Copying And Saving Time Entries
    One of the customers reported that on the Time Entry screen when creating a copy of a Time Entry and clicking on “Save & New,” the Timecard Category field does not clear out and keeps showing the previous selection. This has been fixed.
  6. Bug – The Rates On The Edit Rates Dialog Get Cleared When Saving Matter Details
    One of the customers reported that on the Matter Details screen, when they click on the Save button, rate fields on the Edit Rates dialog get cleared. This has been fixed.
  7. Bug – Incorrect Payment Method Shown For Unlinked Client Portal Payments
    During internal testing, it was identified that when a Client Portal payment was unlinked from the TimeSolvPay>Transactions screen, an incorrect Payment Method was displayed. This has been fixed so that linking or unlinking Website Portal payments show the “Website Payment – Account Access” as the payment method.
  8. Bug – The Client Names Were Not Showing Up On The Time Analytics Chart
    It was internally reported that the Client names were not showing up on the Time Analytic’s Top Client chart when clicking on the legend. This has been fixed. Also, the legend has been removed.
  9. Bug – The Financial Dashboard’s Top Debtors Chart Not Drilling Down To Client Invoices
    It was internally reported that the Financial Dashboard’s Top Debtor’s chart was not drilling down to show Client Invoices when the user clicks on the Client name. This has been fixed, and the users can drill down to the invoice level.
  10. Bug – For Firms With A Huge Dataset, The Staff Dashboard’s Metrics Did Not Load Properly 
    It was internally reported that for firms having a huge dataset, the Staff Dashboard’s Metrics were not loading and displayed an timeout error instead. This has been fixed by optimizing the query to handle huge datasets and display results in the shortest possible time.
  11. Bug – Inconsistency In The Way First/Last Names Was Displayed On The Staff Dashboard
    It was internally identified that on the Staff Dashboard’s Data Table and on the Top Timekeeper Chart, the Timekeeper’s names appeared as First Name and Last Name. Timekeeper names have been made consistent with the rest of the Application to show up as Last Name, First Name. The same has been fixed on the Financial Dashboard’s Top Timekeeper chart, Hourly Rate chart, and when drilling down to the Data Table’s Timekeeper level. Additionally, the inactive Timekeepers on these Dashboards appear with “Inactive” appended to them.
  12. Bug – Timekeeper Selector On The Staff Dashboard Showing Incorrect Label When “All” Is Selected
    During internal testing, it was found that on the Staff Dashboard, when selecting some Timekeepers with the “Include Inactive” option and then using the “All ” option to select all, the Timekeeper selector incorrectly showed “Select a Matter.” This has been fixed to display “All” in the selector.
  13. Bug – Data For Specific Clients Not Displayed On The Financial Dashboard’s Charts
    It was internally identified that on the Financial Dashboard when selecting a specific Client, the Charts were not displaying data for the selected client. This has been fixed.
  14. Bug – The Financial Dashboard’s Client Filter Not Showing Proper Selections When “All “Was Selected
    It was internally reported that with the default “All” Client option s was selected, the Client Filter on the Financial Dashboard was not working properly if one or two clients were removed and added again. In the Data Table below, only the removed and added Clients were shown. This has been fixed.
  15. Bug – Initial Data Does Not Update On The Financial Dashboards Top Debtor’s Chart
    It was internally identified that the Top Debtors Chart on the Financial Dashboard was not updated to display the data for the selected Clients after the initial load. This has been fixed.
  16. Bug – Unable To Reset Financial Dashboards Charts Once They Get Locked On One Side
    During internal testing, it was identified that when the Charts on the Financial Dashboard were repositioned, at one point the Charts would get stuck to the right, were partially visible and could not be restored. This has been fixed so that when a user repositions the Charts, the layout is not disturbed.

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