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TimeSolv Version 20230729 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: July 29, 2023

#1. Enhancement – Introduced Time Entries And Expense Entries Reports With A  New Design And Advanced Features

Preview Reports in our new interactive reporting tool showcasing a brand-new report design and advanced features such as Live Preview, Sorting, and Enhanced Export capabilities. Export reports to various formats, including HTML, PDF (for printing and sharing), Excel (for analysis), XML, RTF, CSV, and PostScript.

#2. Enhancement – Option To Download Firm View Or Client View Of The Invoice

For firms that have designated their invoices to display the Firm View, users can download the Firm View or Client View version of the Invoice from the Draft or the Sent Invoices screen. If the Invoice is not marked to show the Firm view, the download dialog will only display the Format selector.

To learn more, click here.
#3. Enhancement – Ability To Search And Track Time Entries Based On Their Unique ID
The Time Entry now supports a unique ID so users can search and track Time Entries. The Time Entry ID is visible in the Time Entry Details pop-up on the Time Entry, Time Search, Time Approval, and Time tab under the Invoices>Draft/Sent>Amount (View Details) link.
To learn more, click here.
#4. Enhancement – Making The Task Code Narratives Field Read Only
On Time>Settings>Task Codes>New Task Code popup dialog, a checkbox has been added under the Description field to allow Task Code narratives to be set as read-only. When checked, the Narratives will appear in the Description field on the Time Entry screen and will be non-editable.

#5. Enhancement – Optimized Data Loading for the ‘Approve Time Search’ Screen

The Approve Time Search screen has been optimized to handle huge amounts of data and only loads information when the search button is clicked. With this optimization, firms with many Timekeepers will experience improved performance on screens related to operations involving Time Approvals.

#6. Enhancement – The Target vs. Actual Chart On Staff Dashboard Enhanced For Data Consistency

The Staff Dashboard has been enhanced to ensure the information matches the Target bar on the Hours, Amount, and Rate tab on the Target vs. Actual chart and the Hours, Amount, and Billing rate dashboard.
Also, it has been ensured that the Targets for all the Timekeepers are displayed.
#7. Enhancement – Financial Dashboard’s ‘Collected’ Metrix Renamed To ‘Allocated’
On the Financial Dashboard’s Metrics bar, the ‘Collected’ matrix’s label has been renamed to ‘Allocated,’ and its tooltip has also been updated to show Allocation Interest.
#8. Enhancement – The TimeSolv API Endpoints Improved To Capture More Fields
In the TimeSolv API, a new endpoint has been created for the Task Code Groups to enable Search by Task Code Id. Additionally, the following enhancements have been made to the User, Matter, and Client’s Get & Search endpoints:
– Firm User services will return users along with their Firm User Group and Firm User Sub Group attributes.
– Matter services and Client services will return all available custom fields defined.
#9. Bug – Invoice Amount Showing Up Twice The Original On The Revenue And Commissions Report
One of the customers reported that the Revenue and Commissions Report calculated the Invoice amount twice that of the original amount when the Originating Timekeeper’s section was enabled. This has been fixed, and the correct Invoice amount is shown.
#10. Bug – Unallocated Amount Not Shown On Financial Dashboard’s Collection By Payment Method Chart
It was internally reported that the Financial Dashboard’s Collection by Payment Method chart did not consider the unallocated amounts, and only the allocations for Trust were visible. This has been fixed, and the chart now shows Total Collected for Trust, including allocated and unallocated amounts.
#11. Bug – Client Dashboard’s Charts Displaying Dollar Sign And Decimals On The Bar
It was internally identified that in the Client Dashboard’s Top Client and the Billable Hours charts, the amount value with the $ sign and two decimal places was being displayed in place of the hours. This has been fixed, and the $ sign with decimal places has been replaced with the ‘h’ to indicate the hours.
#12. Bug – Date Field Allowing Allocation Date To Be Set Less Than The Credit Date
During internal testing, it was revealed that the System allowed the Allocation date to be set less than the date. This used to happen when the ‘On File’ or ‘Manual Entry’ method was applied during Credit Card and ACH transactions. Validations have been implemented so that when using these transaction methods, the date field is reset to the current date, and the field is disabled.
For other payment methods, the field is enabled, and the user can change the date.
#13. Bug – Field Validation Prompts Appearing Out Of Sequence On The ‘Enter Bank Account’ Screen
It was internally identified that when a user clicks on the Submit button while on the Client/Matter> Payment Settings tab> Enter Bank Account /eCheck dialog, and the validation prompts appeared randomly. This has been fixed, and the prompts are displayed according to the sequence of the fields laid out in the form.

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