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TimeSolv Version 20230408 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: April 08, 2023

#1. Enhancement: Invoicing – Invoice Generation Process Improved for Timecards

Performance enhancements have been introduced to the process used for Invoice generation. Earlier, Invoices with a large volume of Summarized Timecards used to take a long time to process. Due to performance optimization of the queries, the process takes less time to handle vast data sets.

#2. Enhancement: Payments – Ability to Transfer Payments from Operating to Trust Account

On the Payments & Credits screen, a ‘Transfer’ option has been added against payments to transfer the balance from the Operating to Trust Account of the respective matter.

For more details, click here.

#3. Bug: TimeSolvPay – In Some Cases, TimeSolvPay Charged Twice Creating Duplicate Payments and then Would Give an Error

It was identified that the ‘Pay’ button, combined with a possibly weak internet connection, caused this issue. Since there was no indication that the request was in progress and the ‘Pay’ button had been clicked, the customer clicked it multiple times. This resulted in the system giving the ‘Payment Failed’ error.
This issue has been fixed by disabling the ‘Pay’ button for the customers until the request is in progress. The fix has been applied to all the Credit Card and ACH payment flows.
#4. Bug: Time – Time Entries Report is Duplicating the Header Row
A customer reported that the Time Entries Report duplicated the first row after every 10,000 entries. This has been fixed, and the rows do not repeat anymore.

#5. Bug: Integrations – The Dropbox Sync Process Giving Error When Attempting to Sync

A customer reported that the Dropbox Sync process was giving an error. The issue was traced to a change in Dropbox’s configuration, causing the Sync process to fail. This was fixed by reconfiguring Dropbox.

#6. Bug: Payments – No Warning Banner for Conditionally Approved Merchant Account

It was internally identified that the warning banner, which used to appear earlier when a Merchant Account was conditionally approved, was not showing up anymore. This has been fixed.

#7. Bug: Invoicing – Invoice Draft Screen Takes Long Time Load and Gets Timed-Out

It was internally identified that the Invoice Draft screen was randomly timing out. This has been fixed by optimizing the query; now, time-outs do not occur. The screen loading time has also been improved.


#8. Bug: Payments – Payment Method Filter on Transactions Screen Not Listing All Records

It was internally identified that not all the entries were listed on the Transactions screen when selecting ACH-Manual Entry or Credit Card-Manual from the Payment Method filter. The filter has been fixed to list all the entries for that particular Payment Method.

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