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TimeSolv Version 20230305 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: March 05, 2023

#1: Enhancement: Invoicing – Ability to Create Write-offs from Pay & Allocate Dialog

On the Sent Invoices screen’s ‘Pay and Allocate’ dialog, users can now create Write-offs, Payments, and Credit Memos from the ‘Credit Type’ dropdown. The Pay and Allocate dialog opens when the user clicks the currency icon. By default, the ‘Payment’ option is selected in the dropdown.
To learn more, click here on Sent Invoices>Currency Icon.

#2: Enhancement: Payments – Security Encryptions Added to the URLs in Payments

In accordance with the standard practices, additional security encryptions have been introduced in the Payments-related URLs to ensure a secure payment experience for the user.

#3: Bug: Time – Emails Not Being Sent to Admin When Timekeeper’s Status is Changed

Whenever the status of a Timekeeper was changed from active to inactive or vice versa, the firm’s Admin was not getting emails about the activity. This has been fixed, and the Admin is notified whenever a Timekeeper’s status changes. The Audit Log’s message also includes ‘Activated/Inactivated’ to indicate the change in the status.

#4: Bug: Client/Matters – Searched Terms Not Appearing as Bold in Conflict Search Feature

A customer reported that the Conflict Search feature was not displaying some terms in bold, causing the customer to miss out on possible conflicts. This has been fixed to ensure that all the searched terms are highlighted as bold wherever they appear.

#5: Bug: Payments – Error When Entering the Same Amount Using ACH or Credit Card

It was internally identified that the system would give an Invalid Amount error if the same amount was entered again when using the ACH or Credit Card payment method. This has been fixed.

#6: Bug: Invoicing – Adjustment Not Reflected Against Expense Entries in LEDES Format

In the LEDES Invoices with both Time and Expense entries, the LINE_ITEM_ADJUSTMENT_AMOUNT was not being set for the Expense Adjustment Entries. This issue has been resolved.

#7: Bug: Payments – Incorrect Payment Source When Using Website Payment Method

Internal investigations revealed that the Transactions screen’s Source column was listing incorrect source for Payments made via the Website. This has now been resolved, and the correct source, ‘Website Payment,’ is shown against Website payments.

#8: Bug: Invoicing – Unable to Pay Multiple Invoices Using Website Payments

Internally it was identified that when the Website Payments method was used, users were unable to pay multiple Invoices for different Matters which had the same contact. Since the same email was being used, the system would only pick the first Invoice against that contact.
This issue has been fixed, and the System now fetches all the Invoices against the contact.

#9: Bug: Payments – Duplicate Entries When Making Website Payments Using ‘Pay as Guest’

During internal testing, it was identified that duplicate Payment Entries were created in TimeSolv and on the TimesolvPay portal while making payments using the ‘Pay as Guest‘ method.
This has been fixed to ensure that no duplicate entries are created when making Website Payments.

#10: Bug: Timers – After Sixty Hours, the Timer Resets to Zero and Shows Incorrect Time

Internally it was identified that when a Timer was run for more than sixty hours, it gets reset and displays incorrect time on the Matter’s running Timer, even though the Time Entries were correctly generated.
This has been fixed, so the Timer is not limited, and the correct time is displayed on the running Timer.

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