TimeSolv Version 20230205 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: February 05, 2023

#1: Enhancement: Invoices - Pay and Allocate From Sent Invoices Screen

This enhancement allows users to Pay and Allocate amounts directly from the Sent Invoices screen using the Pay icon. In the previous implementation, users were taken to the Payments screen and had to switch between Sent Invoices and Payment screens if there were a large number of invoices to be processed.

To learn more about this feature, click here on Sent Invoices.


#2: Enhancement: Accounts - Restricting Firms on Trial Accounts from Sending Emails 

Previously, firms on Trial accounts were allowed to send Invoices, Statements, and Retainer Invoices via email. An enhancement has been made to restrict firms from using this feature unless it has been turned on from the BackOffice after proper verification.


#3: Bug: Time Entry - Time Entries are not Displaying Correctly on the Calendar for Some Timekeepers

In some cases, the customers reported that the Time Entries were not displayed correctly on the calendar. Upon investigation, it was found that the customer had imported the Time Entries with the time value in the Date field. The query was unable to parse the date field correctly, and the Time Entries did not show up on the calendar.

This has been fixed so that the Time Entries show up correctly.