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Managing TimeSync Desktop Tool

TimeSync is a free desktop application for Windows and Mac for entering Time or Expenses when you don’t have or trust your internet signal.


  1. Installation
  2. Using TimeSync Application
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. FAQ’s


TimeSync is a free desktop application for Windows and Mac for entering Time or Expenses when you don’t have or trust your internet signal. Once you return to a trusted signal, TimeSolv recommends syncing your entries to the web app so they are safely stored in the cloud.

Best Practices: Sync daily or as soon as you have a trusted internet signal. We also recommend that you run only the latest version of the tool and uninstall all prior versions.


TimeSync is a free desktop application for Windows and Mac for entering Time and Expenses.

How to install: Google Chrome browser needs to be available on your computer to install TimeSync.
1. Open https://apps.timesolv.com/TimeSync in Google Chrome to launch TimeSync installer.

2. Click on the plus icon to install TimeSync.


3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.

4. Launch TimeSync by clicking on the TimeSync icon on your desktop. Enter your TimeSolv credentials to log into the application.

Once the app is downloaded, it should allow you to start creating Time/Expense Entries Offline and sync them to the web server once you are connected to the internet.


Creating and syncing Time/Expense Entries in the app is very similar to how the mobile app works. Click here for more information on how to create entries and sync them.


Using the TimeSync Application

Our TimeSync tool allows users to track time and expenses even if NOT connected to the internet. You don’t have to be connected to the internet to make these entries. Our desktop tool, available for Windows or Mac users, makes it easy to track everything no matter where you are. When you’re around an internet connection, simply sync your logged hours and expenses to TimeSolv with a single click. It’s that easy.

To do so:

Download and install TimeSolv’s TimeSync application.

Open the downloaded  TimeSync app and log in.

Show Start/Stop – shows Start Time and End Time fields when creating a time entry, otherwise the play and stop icon will appear to start and stop the time entry’s time.

Always on Top – keep the TimeSync application always on top of other applications.

In the  Time and Expense tabs create time/expense entries.

Today – will launch the calendar to choose a date for time entry.

Description – shows available abbreviations.

The Entries tab shows all un-synced entries.

Click on the desired entry to view/edit it or click the  X icon to delete it.

Note: The time and expense entries will not be available in the TimeSolv’s web app until the timekeeper syncs them via the Entries tab

Click the Sync button to sync the entries into TimeSolv’s web.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are available to facilitate quick data entry in the TimeSync app:

Time/Expense entries can be created using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+F → New Time Entry

Ctrl+Shift+E → New Expense Entry

Time/Expense entries can be saved using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+S → Save

On the Expense Entry screen users can attach receipts by using the following keyboard shortcut:

Ctrl-Shift+R → Attach Receipt

On the Time/Expense entry screens users have the additional following keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+A → Open Abbreviation list

ESC → Takes the user back to the Time/Expense listing page


How do I Correct TimeSync Cards not Uploading?

If TimeSync cards are not uploading, we generally recommend the process of reinstalling the application.

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