Editing Invoices

  1. Edit Draft Invoices
  2. Void Draft Invoice
  3. Rearranging Entries on a Draft Invoice
  4. Finalize an Invoice
  5. Edit a Split Entry After Generating a Draft Invoice (and How to Undo Split Entries)
  6. Discounts or Adjustments to an Invoice
  7. Copy or Move Time/Expense Entries from Within Draft Invoices
  8. Translate an Invoice
  9. Edit Invoice Font Size and Text Alignment
  10. Change the Draft Invoice Date Before Moving it to 'Sent'

Edit Draft Invoices

Click on Invoices>Drafts>Amount.

General Tab

Invoice Date - the date you generate the invoice.

Invoice Period - date range of entries to be included in the invoice.

Re: - label a name for the invoice. By default, this will pre-fill with the Matter name.

Template - select which billing template to use. To edit the selected template, click on the 'Edit' link.

Review Completed - this will show a tick symbol under the Status column on the main Invoices>Drafts screen. It will indicate the invoice has been reviewed and is ready to be sent out. If firm-wide settings under Invoice>Settings have ‘Review required to send Invoices?‘ enabled, users will not be able to send out invoices unless the ‘Review Completed‘ checkbox shown below is checked.

Invoice Delivery Methods -

Printer - a downloaded PDF will be available.

Email - the invoice will be emailed out to the address on file.

AutoMail - TimeSolv charges $1.49 per piece and additional postage as required. No return mailer is included.

Addresses Tab

Under the Addresses tab, users can edit the From and To Address details, including email addresses.

Click on ' Edit Address'. 

Update From Client/Matter - will pull the address details from under the client/matter contact details.

Save To Client/Matter - will save the details you specify on this screen onto client/matter contact details.

Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 10.10.05 PM

Narratives Tab

Invoice Narratives - different texts that appear in various areas of the invoice document. TimeSolv gives you maximum flexibility when it comes time to create the language and style of your invoice. You can use your Text Editor to format Invoice Email Messages and Statement Email messages, use HTML or Plain Text, upload images, and imbed videos.

Note: The 'Paid Invoice Email Message' text is used in an email to the customer when the invoice has been paid.  A credit card processing vendor must be involved. It does not get sent with manual payment/trust entries.

Time Tab

Click on the Time tab to view, add a new Time Entry to the Invoice, edit the time entries of the invoice, or include any missing time entries. 

Include Missing - if any entries exist that have not been included in the invoice. 


Update Original Time Entry as well 
- when editing a time entry, clicking on the Update button will only update the draft invoice. It will not update the original time entry, unless 'Update Original Time Entry as well' is enabled.

Hold - will hold the time entry from being billed until the next invoice is generated.

Time Entries put on 'Hold' once again become part of the WIP. Users can then generate the Aging Report to view unbilled entries.

Delete - will delete the time entry from the invoice only, unless you enable 'Update Original Time Entry as well', which will wipe the time entry off the system entirely.

Expense Tab

Include Missing - will include any missing expense entries. This button will only be enabled if any expense entries exist for the Client-Matter that have not been added to the invoice. 

Edit - to edit the expense entry.

Interest Tab

Note: The  Interest tab is only available when interest gets applied to the invoice. The interest is applicable after the grace period and payment terms have expired and only for those Client-Matters (used in the draft invoice) that have an unpaid sent invoice. 

Enable the  Override calculated interest to edit the interest.

Totals Tab

View the totals of the invoice and modify any adjustments (please use negative numbers for reduction) or discount (%) amount.

Whatever you put in the Adjustment Label field will appear in the invoice. E.g. “Discount for Client.”



Void Draft Invoice

To void a draft invoice, click under Invoices>Drafts screen.

Select the checkbox against the invoice to be voided.

Click on the 'Void' button on the top right.​



Rearranging Entries on a Draft Invoice

Rearrange/sort Time and Expense Entries on a Draft Invoice.

Click on Invoices>Drafts>Amount

The Time and Expense tabs provide a Sort Order column which allows users to assign numerical order to entries. 

By default, the sort fields will be empty.  

As entries are numbered in the sort field, the entries will immediately re-sort for a given day. Users can even skip numbers to allow more room to re-sort entries.



Finalize an Invoice

How to finalize an invoice: Send Once you have sent the finalized invoice:
  1. The watermark 'Draft' will be removed.
  2. The invoice will be assigned a number and moved to Invoices>Sent. (also now available at Matter>Invoices tab).
The following may happen, depending on your settings:
  1. Emailed out to the Client if there is a valid email address attached to the Client/Matter, and the email box is checked.
  2. Transfer of the Trust funds takes place if auto-allocation is turned on at the time of invoice creation and there are funds available.


Edit a Split Entry after Generating a Draft Invoice (and How to Undo Split Entries)

To edit an invoice generated for a Split Billing Project, you will have to first void the draft invoice and then Undo Split Entries

Click on Invoices>Drafts.

Select the invoice(s) you wish to void, and click on Void.

Warning: We strongly recommend printing out a hard copy of an invoice before voiding it back to draft.

Then click on Clients>Clients & Matters.

Open the ‘Master Matter‘ that the split billing invoice was created against.

Click on the Split Billing tab.

Click on the Undo Split Entries.

All Split Entries are now unsplit. Create any changes to the Time and Expense Entries before generating the Split Billing Draft Invoice again.


Discounts or Adjustments to an Invoice

To add Discounts or Adjustments to an invoice:
1. Apply the discount at the Matter level:
Click under Clients>Clients & Matters>[Matter name]>Invoice Settings.
Apply the discount %.
Consolidate Matters – if two Matters are consolidated and one of the Matters has a discount set at the Matter level, the discount will be applied to the Matter that has the discount specified against it.
Split Matters – in case of split Matters the discount will only be applied to the Matter that has the discount set

Note: You cannot apply discounts to a Fixed Fee invoice.

2. Apply discount under Draft Invoices
Click on Invoices>Drafts>Amount>Totals tab.
Adjustments - enter a negative sign to reduce the total. A positive value will add to the total of the invoice.
Label - specify the label that will appear for the adjustment. This field is customizable.
Discount - specify a percentage. The discount field will always reduce the total value of the invoice. 


Copy or Move Time/Expense Entries from Within Draft Invoices

Create a Copy of the Time/Expense Entry 

Users can now create a copy of the Time/Expense entry on a Draft Invoice. Click on the Invoices>Drafts tab to list the Draft Invoices. 

Under the ‘Amount’ column, users can click on the amount to bring up the ‘Edit Draft’ screen, then select the ‘Time’ or the ‘Expense’ tab as this feature has been implemented in both places.  

On the extreme right, clicking on the arrow button brings up the ‘Copy’ link. This opens the ‘Copy Time Entry’ dialog box. 

Users can assign a different Timekeeper or change other attributes from here. Since the copy is being created under the same Client-Matter, the Matter field is unavailable.  

Click on the ‘Copy’ button and the Time/Expense entry gets added against the same ‘Client-Matter’ on the ‘Draft Invoice’.


Moving a Time/Expense Entry 

Like the Copy feature, users can now 'Move' a Time/Expense entry from a Draft Invoice. Click on the Invoices>Drafts tab to list the Draft Invoices. 

Under the ‘Amount’ column, users can click on the amount to bring up the ‘Edit Draft’ screen, then select the ‘Time’ or the ‘Expense’ tab as this feature has been implemented in both places. 

On the extreme right, click on the ‘Edit’ link. This opens the ‘Edit Time/Expense Entry’ dialog box. 

For the same Matter, users can change attributes and update the entry, put it on hold, or delete the entry. 

If users select a different ‘Matter’ from the dropdown, the ‘Update’, ‘Hold’, and ‘Delete’ buttons are replaced by the ‘Move’ button. 

On clicking the ‘Move’ button, the respective 'Time/Expense' entry gets associated with the new ‘Matter’ and is no longer visible on the ‘Draft Invoice’. 


Tip: If automatic approvals are turned on for a Timekeeper, it will show up as approved, otherwise it will be in the Submitted state. 

If you want to include this moved entry onto an existing draft invoice, click back on the Invoices>Drafts screen.

Open up the draft invoice for this Matter that you want this entry to be included in. 

Click on the Time/Expense tab.
Click on the 'Include Missing' button on the top right, and select 'Add' against the entry.


Translate an Invoice

For firms that want to translate their invoices:

If your firm wants their invoice in another language they can download the invoice in Word format. To do this, after creating the draft invoice, select the download icon against the invoice. A pop-up will appear asking the user to specify which format to download the invoice in. Select Word format.

Next, click to open the downloaded Word document.

Select English as the language to translate from, and your desired language to translate to.


Edit Invoice Font Size and Text Alignment

Click on Invoices>Settings>Flexible Templates.

Select New Flexible Template (or click Copy next to an existing flexible billing template to change one or a few of its settings by editing the copied template).

Under the Global Settings tab, specify Font Size as either Small (9 pt), Medium (10 pt), or Large (11 pt). By default, this will be set to small font.

Enable/disable Justify Description (the text entered in the description field on the Time Entry screen). By default, this will be set to justified.


Change the Draft Invoice Date Before Moving it to 'Sent'

By default, the date attached to any draft invoice is the date that it was generated. Follow the steps below to change this date before moving the invoice to 'Sent'.

Under Invoice>Drafts screen, enable the checkbox next to the invoice(s) you want to change the date for. On the top right of the screen, a 'Change Invoice Date' button will now be activated.

When the user clicks on the 'Change Invoice Date' button, a pop-up will be prompted showing a date picker allowing the user to change the date.

Note: Changing the date does not mean that the system will then include any entries created between the draft invoice's date and the current date. If you need an invoice to include those other time entries between the given dates, you should create a new invoice.