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When I Click the Link to Pay Retainer Invoice it Says ‘Nothing to Show’

If you get a ‘Nothing to Show’ message when trying to click on the link provided to pay a Retainer invoice, follow the steps below to resolve: 

  1. You should have a bank account set up under Payments>Settings>Bank Accounts tab. Ensure your Trust account is integrated as well.
  2. Ensure the Client is set up properly for Client Portal access.
  3. Under Clients>Setttings, make sure you have something selected under ‘Receive All Portal Invoice Payments In.’ 

  4. At the Client-level (Clients>Clients & Matters>[Client Name]>General>’Receive All Portal Payments In’) is set up so the money has a place to be deposited.

  5. At the Matter-level (Clients>Clients & Matters>[Matter name]>General>’Receive All Portal Payments In’) is set up so the money has a place to be deposited

Remember that Retainer Invoices do not show on the Accounts Receivable or ledgers, so there’s no harm in regenerating them. 

There currently isn’t a way to resend, edit, or delete old Retainers.

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