What is the Auto Mail Feature and What Does it do?

Automail is if you want TimeSolv to physically mail your invoices out for you. 

We employ a third-party service that does the folding, inserting, stamping, and mailing at $1.49 per invoice. We’ll mail up to five pages for you, saving you the time and effort. You may find that it’s more cost-effective to use our AutoMail service than one of your attorneys or paralegals spending their valuable time with mindless and non-billable work like this.

To turn on AutoMail as a default setting, head under Clients>Settings>Invoice Settings tab, and select the Invoice Delivery Method as AutoMail. Although this will not retroactively change existing Clients-Matters Invoice Settings, this will work for all future Clients and Matters created. You can even turn it on at the individual Client-Matter level settings by clicking on the Client or the Matter and heading under the Invoice Settings tab.

You can also turn on AutoMail at the draft invoice screen too. To do this, head under Invoices>Drafts screen. After creating your draft invoice, select the Automail checkbox.