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TimeSolv Version 20231021 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: October 21, 2023

  1. Enhancement – Ability To Unlink TimeSolvPay Transaction And Associate With A Different Matter
    Linked TimeSolvPay Transactions can now be associated with different Client-Matter by using the new “Unlink” option available on the TimeSolvPay>Transactions screen. However, users cannot unlink Transactions allocated to Invoices or those that have been fully/partially transferred to Trust Account. To learn more, click here.
  2. Enhancement – Locking The Time Entry’s Description Field For Read Only Task Codes
    The logic to update the Description on the Time Entry screen has been improved. If the Task Code is set to “Read Only,” the Description field is updated with the Task Code’s description and locked for editing. Selecting the Sub-Task overrides the Task Code’s description. If the Task Code is not set to Read Only, then changing the Task Code does not update the Time Entry’s “Description” field. To learn more, click here.
  3. Enhancement – Ability To Specify Originating Timekeeper’s Origination Credit
    On the Matter Detail’s Originator tab, a field has been added to specify the Originating Timekeepers “Origination Credit” that determines how the Revenue against a Matter is split between the specified Originators. To learn more, click here.
  4. Enhancement – New Reports’ Session Timeout Synced With TimeSolv App’s Session
    Session Timeout for the New Reports has been synced with the duration defined in the TimeSolv App’s Account>Settings> General>Security>”Session Timeout Duration (hours)” property. This will ensure that the New Report’s session is kept active as long as the TimeSolv App’s session is active using the Keep Alive property.
  5. Enhancement – Worked And Billed Views Enhanced On The Financial Dashboard’s Top Client Chart 
    On the Financial Dashboard, Fees and Expense columns have been added to Top Timekeeper chart’s Worked view. Also under the Billed view, the Matter name now drills down to show individual invoices. Clicking on the Invoice number opens a new tab displaying the Invoice Details screen for the respective Invoice. To learn more, click here.
  6. Enhancement – WIP Metric Added To The Financial Dashboard’s Metrics Bar
    On the Financials Dashboard, a Work in Progress (WIP) metric has been added to the Metrics Bar next to the Worked metric. It displays the Total WIP amount for the selected period.
  7. Enhancement – Financial Dashboard’s Top Debtors Chart Drills Down To Show Invoices
    Client names on the Financial Dashboard’s Top Debtors chart are now clickable and drill down to show pending Invoices for the selected Client. Clicking on the invoice number opens a new tab displaying the Invoice Details screen for the respective Invoice.
  8. Enhancement – New Versions Of The Reports Released
    The following New Reports have been released in this production release:

    1. Timekeeper Profitability
    2. Missing Time
    3. Realization Per Invoice
    4. Realization Per Client
  9. Bug – Incorrect Revenue Sharing Between Timekeepers On Invoices With Discount Applied
    One of the customers reported that the revenue sharing was not even between multiple Timekeepers. It was found that when the discount was applied on the invoice, partial payment allocation was not being considered. The calculation for partial payments has been corrected to ensure that each Timekeeper receives the correct portion of the revenue.
  10. Bug – Past Payments Being Displayed On Invoices
    It was reported by multiple customers that the system was showing past payments on the invoices even though the Flexible Template Settings were properly configured. This has been fixed.
  11. Bug – Description Column Not Sorted Alphabetically When Creating Draft Invoice For Imported Time Entries
    One of the customers reported that when generating a Draft for the Time Entries that were imported, the Description column was not listing the entries alphabetically. This has been fixed to show the results sorted alphabetically in both the PFD and the Excel version of the Invoice.
  12. Bug – The System Was Giving An Error On Creating Timekeeper Roles
    A customer reported that they were unable to create Timekeeper Roles and the system was giving an error. It was found that when the Dashboard was disabled, the permissions were not working correctly. This has been fixed by changing the logic to allow creation of Timekeeper Roles even when the Dashboard is disabled.
  13. Bug – On The Client Portal’s Make Payment Screen, LawPay Users Were Able To See On-File Payment Methods
    It was internally reported that on the Client Portal’s “Make Payment” screen, the saved CC/ACH – On File payment method was visible for LawPay users. This has been fixed and the saved “On File” payment methods are only shown for TimeSolvPay users.
  14. Bug – New Time Entry Report’s PDF Was Not Displaying Task Code Descriptions
    It was internally reported that the main view and the PDF version of the New Time Entry report only displayed the Task Codes and not the Task Code Descriptions as shown in the Standard Report. This has been fixed to show the Task Codes with their descriptions.
  15. Bug – New Abbreviations Report Was Not Showing Abbreviations For Non-Admin Users
    It was internally reported that on the New Abbreviations Report, Abbreviations for the Non-Admin users were not displayed. This has been fixed. Also, the labels for “Code” and “Description” have been changed to “Abbreviation” and “Phrase” respectively.
  16. Bug – The New Aged Invoices Report Was Not Suppressing Invoice Details
    It was internally identified that on the New Aged Invoices Report, suppressing the Invoice Details was still displaying individual Invoices with Matters instead of a summary of Invoices. Also, the “As of Date” filter was not retaining the selected date. These issues have been fixed.
  17. Bug – The Scheduler Icon Was Not Being Shown On The New Reports
    It was internally reported that on the New Reports, the scheduler icon was not appearing. This has been fixed.
  18. Bug – Calendar On The New Reports Was Not Responding If Left Idle For Some Time
    It was internally reported that the Calendar on the New Reports becomes unresponsive when the Report is left idle for some time. This has been fixed.
  19. Bug – On Staff Dashboard’s Data Table Inactive Timekeepers Are Displayed Even When Include Inactive Is Unchecked
    It was internally reported that on the Staff Dashboard’s data table, inactive Timekeepers are shown even when the “Include Inactive” is unchecked. It was also found that the data table did not display any results when selecting a single Timekeeper. These issues have been fixed.
  20. Bug – Selected Timekeepers Were Not Shown On Staff Dashboard’s Data Table
    It was internally reported that when selecting Timekeepers from the Staff Dashboard’s Timekeeper dropdown, the selected Timekeepers did not show up in the Data Table below. This has been fixed.

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