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TimeSolv Version 20231008 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: October 08, 2023

  1. Enhancement – Automatically Disable Report Schedules When User Is Deactivated
    Report Schedules created from the New Reports are now automatically disabled when the user who created the schedules becomes inactive. If an inactive user with schedules is reactivated, the system will not automatically turn on the schedules, so they must be activated manually.
  2. Enhancement – Drill Down View Has Been Improved On The Financial Dashboard’s Collections Chart
    On the Financial Dashboard’s Collection Chart, the “Allocated” column has been added to show allocations out of the total collection. Furthermore, users can now click and drill down on the “Received Amount” to view corresponding individual payments.
  3. Enhancement – Drill Down View Has been Improved On The Financial Dashboard’s Top Client Chart
    The following changes have been made to the Top Client Chart’s drill-down view:

    1. Under the “Worked” view, the new “Worked” column displays the worked amount.
    2. Under the “Billed” view and drilling down on the Matter, the “Matter Total” column has been removed, the “Invoice Total” label has been renamed to “Amount” and “Amount Total” displayed.
  4. Enhancement – The Financial, Client, And Staff Dashboards Have Been Enhanced For Improved User Experience
    To improve the Dashboard’s look and feel and to provide a better user experience, general improvements have been introduced to the Charts and other areas of the Financial, Client, and Staff Dashboards.
  5. Enhancement – Dropbox Integration Updated To Support New Access Token Logic
    A customer reported that Dropbox was disconnecting, and upon investigation, it was found that Dropbox had updated its token expiry mechanism. We have updated the Dropbox integration to support its new logic, preventing frequent token expiry and keeping customers connected.
  6. Enhancement – Added Animated Icon On New Reports To Indicate Loading Progress
    For enhanced user experience, the New Reports now shows a spinning TimeSolv icon on the screen to indicate that the loading is in progress.
  7. Enhancement – The Daily Backup Improved To Include Matter Relationship Files
    The daily backup process has been improved to include Related Party files, as they were not present in the downloaded zip.
  8. Enhancement – The New Trust Banking, Cash Receipts And Task Summary Reports Have Been Released
    On the New Report’s home screen, users can now use the toggle switch to turn on and access the following reports:

    1. Trust Banking Report
    2. Cash Receipts Report
    3. Task Summary
  9. Enhancement – Additional Filters Added To The New Entries Report
    On the New Expense Entries Report, additional parameters have been added to allow filtering on “Vendor Paid,” “Expense Category,” and a checkbox option to display “Internal Notes.” To learn more, click here.
  10. Bug – The Time Entry Screen’s Description Field Does Not Change When Changing The Plan Task To-Do
    One of the customers reported that on the Time Entry screen, when they change the Plan Task To-Do from the dropdown, the narratives for the Read-only Task Codes in the Description field below do not change. This has been fixed to reflect the selected Plan Task’s description.
  11. Bug – Enabling/ Disabling Copy Commissions On Invoice Showing Duplicate Responsible Timekeepers
    It was internally identified that when enabling or disabling the checkbox for Copy Commissions on Invoice, duplicate originating Timekeepers were appearing on the Commissions tab of the Client’s Invoice. This has been fixed, and duplicate Responsible Timekeepers do not appear anymore.
  12. Bug – Dashboards Were Giving An Error For Firms With Amounts Exceeding Ten Digits
    It was internally identified that when an amount with ten digits or more was displayed, the Dashboards gave an error. This has been fixed for all places in the TimeSolv App where amounts are shown.
  13. Bug – On The Client Dashboard, Values Are Not Shown As Selected When Checking The Include Inactive Option For Client Dropdown
    It was internally identified that on the Client Dashboard’s Client dropdown, when the user selects the “Include Inactive” checkbox, the dropdown does not show all the values as pre-selected. This has been fixed on the Client Dashboard as well as across all Dashboards where dropdowns appear.
  14. Bug – When Searching From The Financial Dashboard’s Client Dropdown, All Clients Shown As Selected 
    It was internally identified that when searching for Clients from the Client dropdown on the Financial Dashboard, all clients are shown as selected. It was also found that the Data Table at the bottom was not listing the Clients on the initial load. Both these issues have been fixed.
  15. Bug – Incorrect Amount Shown In The Drill Down View On Financial Dashboard’s Top Client Chart 
    It was internally identified that when selecting the “Worked” or the “Collected” view on the Financial Dashboard’s Top Client Chart, the amount was shown incorrectly. Also, it was found that the tooltip was not displaying the Allocated and the Unallocated amounts. These issues have been fixed.
  16. Bug – On The Financial Dashboard, Drill Down Tabular Data Was Overlapping The Chart’s Name
    It was internally identified that on the Financial Dashboard’s drill-down views, the tabular data was showing up as scrollable and would overlap the Chart’s name. This has been fixed.
  17. Bug – On The Client Dashboard, Information In The Data Table Is Not Shown When Selecting A Single Client
    It was internally identified that on the Client Dashboard, when selecting only one client from the Client’s dropdown selector, the Data Table at the bottom would not show anything. This has been fixed.
  18. Bug – On Financial Dashboard’s Collection Chart, Drill Down Details Are Not Shown When Selecting “All” Clients
    It was internally identified that on the Financial Dashboard’s Collection Chart when selecting “All” from the Client’s dropdown selector and clicking on the Chart’s bar, the drill-down view was not shown. This has been fixed.
  19. Bug – The Approval Status Filter Was Showing Incorrect Data On The New Expense Entry And Time Entry Reports 
    It was internally reported that the “Approval Status” filter was listing approved entries against the “Submitted for Approval” status on both the New Time Entries and the Expense Entries Reports. This has been fixed.
  20. Bug – On The New Reports, Inactive Clients Do Not Appear In The Client-Matter Dropdown 
    It was internally identified that on the New Reports, when selecting the “All” option, the popup dialog for Clients does not list inactive clients. This has been fixed.

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