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TimeSolv Version 20230813 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: August 13, 2023

  1. Enhancement – Ability To Create Consolidated Invoice Groups From Client Details Screen
    For consolidated billing, a new tab, ‘Consolidated Invoice Groups,’ has been added on the Client Details screen. When the draft invoices are generated, consolidated Matters appear grouped as a separate Invoice.
    To learn more, click here.
  2. Enhancement – Ability To Mark Expenses As Vendor Paid From The Expense Entry Screen
    Users can now mark Expense Entries as Vendor paid. This feature can be enabled or disabled from the Expense Settings using the ‘Display Vendor Paid Option.’
    To learn more, click here.
  3. Enhancement – Ability To Switch Between New Reports
    A toggle button has been added to the Report’s dashboard, allowing users to switch to the new version of a Report.
  4. Enhancement – Improved Permissions On New Time Entry And Expense Entry Reports
    A number of improvements have been introduced to the Time Entry and the Expense Entry Reports. These relate to the Timekeeper permissions, access to Matters and Rates.
  5. Enhancement – Ability To Create Quick Schedules For The Interactive Reports
    The Quick Schedule allows you to send out reports immediately or periodically on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule at a specific time. The ‘Publish To’ option lets you publish your reports to an email, server versioning system, or an FTP site. Schedules can only be created using the clock icon on the New Report’s menu.
  6. Enhancement – Initial Screen Load Time Improved For Firms Having Huge Data Set
    The Approve Time screen has been enhanced for better performance on the initial load, and now data only gets displayed when the user clicks the search button. Additionally, pagination has been improved to enable faster loading, reducing 100 entries to 50 per page.
  7. Enhancement – Information On Staff Dashboard’s Target vs. Actual Chart Enhanced To Match With Hours, Amount, And Billing Rate Dashboard
    The Staff Dashboard has been enhanced to ensure the information on the Hours, Amount, and Rate tabs on the Target vs. Actual chart matches with the Hours, Amount, and Billing Rate dashboard.
    Also, if more than one Timekeeper is selected, it displays the target for just one Timekeeper.
  8. Enhancement – Financial Dashboard’s Aged Invoices Chart Improved To Display The Fee And Expenses Breakdown Separately From The Other Charges
    When the ‘All’ tab is selected on the Financial Dashboard’s Aged Invoices chart, the tooltip on the bars displays the breakdown of the Fee and Expenses. The Tax, Discounts, Adjustments, and Interest, are aggregated under ‘Other’ charges.
  9. Bug – Top Originating Timekeeper’s Chart On The Client Dashboard Displaying Data For Matters Instead Of The Collected Amount
    It was internally identified that when filtering the Top Originating Timekeeper’s Collected amount by the Bottom 5 on the Client Dashboard, the chart displayed data for Matters instead of the collected amount. When the Collected option was selected again from the dropdown, only then the correct amount was displayed. This has been fixed, and the correct amount is displayed on the first attempt.
  10. Bug – Data For The Expenses Tab Not Displayed On The Financial Dashboard’s Aged Invoices Chart
    Internally it was identified that the Expenses tab of the Aged Invoices on the Financial Dashboard was not displaying any data. This has been fixed, and the date is displayed properly.
  11. Bug – Unallocated Trust Amounts Displayed On The Financial Dashboard’s Collection By Payment Method Chart
    It was internally identified that the value in the Collection By Payment Method chart’s Allocated bar on the Financial Dashboard also includes the unallocated amounts available in Trust. This has been fixed, so the unallocated Trust amounts are not included.
  12. Bug – Unable To Process Invoices From The Pay And Allocate Screen Due To A Decimal Roundoff Issue
    A decimal places roundoff issue was identified internally where the Pay and Allocate screen was not allowing Invoices to be processed if the Payment Amount field contained amounts with more than two decimals. This has been fixed to handle the decimal round-offs in amounts.
  13. Bug – Receipts For Recurrent Payments Made From TimeSolvPay Not Being Received
    It was internally identified that the users were not receiving receipts for Recurring Payments made from TimeSolvPay. This has been fixed, and the customers are receiving the receipts.
  14. Bug – Task Code Getting Removed On The Time Entries And The Expense Entries Screen
    It was internally identified that when creating a Time/Expense Entry and moving from the Matter selection to the Task Code field using the Tab button, the Taks Code would disappear. This has been fixed.

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