TimeSolv Version 20230617 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: June 17, 2023

#1. Enhancement: Top Timekeeper Chart On Financial Dashboard To Show Only Active Timekeepers

The Financial Dashboard has been updated to show only active Timekeepers in the Top 5 and Bottom 5 options of the Top Timekeeper Chart. This change has also been applied to the Select Timekeeper list, ensuring that only active Timekeepers are available for selection. However, the Data Tables and other Charts still include data for both active and inactive Timekeepers.


#2. Enhancement: "Responsible Timekeeper" Filter Added On The Financial Dashboard

The Financial Dashboard now includes a new filter called the "Responsible Timekeeper." This filter is positioned alongside the Date Range and specifically shows Timekeepers who have been designated as Responsible Timekeepers for Clients and Matters. When a Responsible Timekeeper is chosen, the dropdown menu will dynamically display only the corresponding Clients/Matters for easier selection.


#3. Enhancement: Fine-tuned Financial Dashboard's Inactive Client And Matter Filter

The Financial Dashboard's Inactive Client and Matter filter has been fine-tuned to exclude inactive Client and Matter data unless specifically selected using the 'Include Inactive' checkbox. By default, inactive Clients and Matters are not displayed when the Financial Dashboard initially loads.


#4. Enhancement: TimeSolvPay's Authorization Logic Enhanced To Handle Merchant Account Reactivation

The TimeSolvPay's authorization logic has been enhanced to ensure that customers can seamlessly process payments without encountering any issues. This was done as some of the TimeSolvPay customers were unable to process Payments because their merchant account was deactivated and reactivated for some reason.


#5. Bug: On The Trust Banking Report The Allocated Amounts Were Showing Up Incorrectly

One of the customers reported that in the Trust Banking Report, the Allocated Fee and the Allocated Expense were displayed incorrectly when discounts and adjustments were applied. This has been fixed.


#6. Bug: Customer Using LexShare Is Unable To Delete A Client

A customer reported that on deleting a Client, the system was giving an error resulting in LexShare syncing process to fail. This has been fixed.


#7. Bug: Duplicate Recurring Payments Get Created When User Clicks On Save Multiple Times

It was internally identified that on the Recurring Payments screen, when the user clicks the Save button multiple times, duplicate Recurring Payments get created. This issue has been fixed, and now the Save button gets disabled immediately after the first click.


#8. Bug: Editing Invoice Matter Details From Client Portal Were Not Retaining Edited Values

During internal testing, it was identified that on the Client Portal>Invoices>Select Invoices to Pay screen> the 'Invoice Matter Details' popup was resetting the values when it was clicked again instead of retaining the edited values. This has been fixed so that the saved amount is displayed in the popup.


#9. Bug: Various Fixes Implemented On the Staff Dashboard

During internal testing, a number of issues were identified on the Target vs Actual Chart. The following issues were fixed:
  1. The 'Targets not set for x Timekeepers' link was not redirecting to the Dashboard Settings screen.
  2. On the Hours, Amount, and Rate tabs, the amount was not rounded off to two decimal places.
  3. The data did not correlate between the Target bar on the Target vs Actual chart tabs and the Hours, Amount, and Billing Rate dashboard.
  4. The Target bar displayed data for just one Timekeeper even if more than one was selected.


#10. Bug: On Initial Load, The Financial Dashboard Was Displaying Data For Inactive Clients

It was reported internally that when the Financial Dashboard screen loads, it was displaying data for inactive Clients also. This has been fixed so that the data for only the active Clients is shown when the screen initially loads.
#11. Bug: User's Payment Profile Becomes Inactive When Activating Another Linked Account
It was internally identified that when a user has multiple linked Accounts and Payment Profiles, and the user tries to activate another Account, the Payment Profile becomes inactive automatically. This has been fixed so that when a Merchant Account is activated, the Payment Profile is set back to it's active state.
#12. Bug: For Newly Created Firms, Show Commissions Checkbox Not Checked Automatically For Admin Users
It was internally reported that for new Firms, the Show Commissions checkbox on the Account>Timekeeper>Permissions tab was not being enabled as default setting for Users with Administrator permissions. This has been fixed.