TimeSolv Version 20230606 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: June 06, 2023

#1. Enhancement: Added An Option To Group TimeKeeper Permissions As Roles

Under the Account tab, a 'Timekeeper Role' section has been added where users can define Roles for the Timekeepers. Once a Role is defined, it can be assigned to a Timekeeper from the Timekeeper's Profile screen.

To learn more, click here on Timekeeper Roles.


#2. Enhancement: Displaying Breakdown Of Time & Expense On The Financial Dashboard Metrics And Charts

Users can now see the Time and Expense breakdown on the Financial Dashboard. The information is displayed as a tooltip on the AR Metrics, on all the options available in the Top Timekeeper Chart's dropdown, and on the Worked option in Top Client Chart.


#3. Enhancement: View Breakdown By Client And Matter Against Top Timekeepers On The Financial Dashboard

Users can click on the bar on the Financial Dashboard's Top Timekeeper chart to bring up a detailed view on a new screen within the chart, listing the breakdown by Clients and Matters. The screen displays the Timekeeper's name and the breakdown of all the Clients & Matters the Timekeeper has worked on. The breakdown is available for all the options in the dropdown, i.e., Worked, Billed, Collected, and Accounts Receivable.


 #4. Enhancement: Added Additional Columns To The Time Entries Report's CSV Version

A number of new columns have been added to the Time Entries Report CSV version. These include the Created, Created By, Last Updated, and Last Updated By columns.


#5. Enhancement: Added Additional Columns To The Trust Banking Report's CSV Version

On the Trust Banking Report, additional columns have been added to the CSV version of the report. These columns are populated when a 'Transfer to Operating' transaction is performed.


#6. Enhancement: Displaying Commission Percentage To Non-Admin Users On The Revenue & Commissions Report

Under the Permissions tab on the Timekeeper Details screen, a 'Show Commissions' option is displayed when the 'Reports' field is set to 'Full Access' or 'Limited Access.' For administrators, this option is visible and checked by default, while Non-admin users will not be able to see the Commission's Column on the reports if 'Show Commission' is not enabled for them.


#7. Enhancement: Displaying Applicable Pass-Through Fees Charged By Card Brands Via Link During TimeSolvPay Signup

When signing up for TimeSolvPay, the 'Get Started with TimeSolvPay' screen now includes a link, which opens a new window listing applicable Pass-Through fees that the Card brands charge or may charge. This link can be found under the 'Transparent Pricing' option.


#8. Enhancement: Alphabetical Sorting Implemented Across Dashboard Bar Charts

It was internally identified that the Client names were not appearing as alphabetically sorted on the bar charts. The Client name sorting has been made consistent on all the bar charts across the Dashboards.


#9. Bug: Bulk Charge On The Sent Invoices Screen Returns An Error

A customer reported that they were unable to charge Invoices in bulk, and the system would give the 'The connection to the server was reset.' error. This issue has been fixed by increasing the session timeout's time to allow bulk processing of Invoices to complete.


#10. Bug: Making Payments From Payments Screen Or The Client Portal Returns An Error

Some customers reported getting errors when making Payments from the Client Portal or the Payments screen. Upon investigation, it was identified that selecting Invoices with the 'Previous Balance' included in the Totals was causing this error to occur. This has now been fixed.


#11. Bug: Invoice Totals On PDF Appear Incorrect As The Previous Balances Are Not Displayed

Customers who have opted to use the newer implementation of the Previous Balance calculation reported that the Previous Balance/Credits are not showing up on the Invoice PDF. This has been fixed so that the Previous Balances included in the Totals are always displayed so that the customers can see how the Total is derived.


#12. Bug: Draft Invoice Showing Incorrect Previous Balance

Customers who have opted to use the newer implementation of the Previous Balance calculation reported that they were facing a discrepancy in the Previous Balance amount on the Draft Invoice. It was identified that a cross-matter allocation between two different Invoices was impacting the Previous Balance. This has been fixed.


#13. Bug: Error Preventing User From Creating New Recurring Time Entry

A customer reported that they were unable to create a new Recurring Time Entry and were getting an error. It was identified that the error was occurring because the BillableStatus was not being set correctly. This has been fixed.


#14. Bug: On Sent Invoices Screen, Warning Icon Not Appearing When Invoice Charging Fails

A customer reported that on the 'Sent Invoice' screen, the system gave an error when Invoice charging failed, but the yellow warning icon did not appear to visually alert the user when they revisit the page. This has been fixed.


#15. Bug: Incorrect Message On Voiding Payments From Payments And Credits Screen

It was internally identified that when voiding a Payment from the Payments and Credits screen, "Payment Deleted Successfully" was displayed instead of "Payment Voided Successfully." This has been corrected.


#16. Bugs: Fine Tuned Financial Dashboard

During internal testing, some issues were identified, and as a result, the Financial Dashboard went through a fine-tuning process. The following issues were fixed:

  1. The data table displayed all Matters when only one Matter was selected.
  2. The data table gave an error instead of displaying inactive Matters.
  3. The data table gave an error when the Client had no Matters.
  4. Discounts and Adjustments were not visible at the Matter level on the data table.
  5. The Search bar for Client Search was not allowing spaces in Client names.


#17. Bug: Incorrect Message Displayed When Making Payments From Invoice's Sent Screen

It was internally identified that an incorrect message was displayed when a Payment was made from the Invoice's Sent screen and with the Allocation amount removed. This message has been corrected to "Payment Processed Successfully."


#18. Bug: Financial Dashboard Charts Not Displaying Data When Changing The Date Range

It was internally identified that the 'Top Timekeeper' and the 'Top Client' charts were not displaying any data even though a date range was selected. This has been fixed.


#19. Bug: Billable Filter On The Time And Expense Search Does Not Reset Back to All

It was internally identified that when a user performs a search from the Time/Expense> Search> More Options, selects 'Billable' from the Billable Type field, and then uses the 'Reset' button, the 'Billable' filter does not reset to 'All.' This has been fixed.


#20. Bug: Discrepancy In Amount On Dashboard's Data Table When Making Partial Payment

It was internally reported that the Dashboard's Data Table was displaying the Total Amount in the Collected column even when an Invoice was partially paid in cases where the Payment Method was selected as ACH-Manual Entry or Credit Card-Manual Entry. This discrepancy appeared in the Data Table under the Billed & Collected columns on the Financial Dashboard and when selecting 'Selected Period' from the Show Billed/Collected dropdown on the Client Dashboard. This has been fixed.


#21. Bug: Discrepancy In Expense Breakdown On Financial Dashboard's AR Metrics

It was internally identified that when applying discounts on the Invoice, the breakdown displayed in the Financial Dashboard's AR Metrics Tooltip was showing an incorrect breakdown for the Expense. This has been fixed.