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TimeSolv Version 20230518 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: May 18, 2023

#1. Enhancement: Queue Process Improved To Prevent Delays Caused By Slower Tasks

In some cases, backend jobs like NetDocs, OneDrive, and Dropbox Sync would take longer to process causing the other processes in the queue to be held up as well. The queue processing has been enhanced to prioritize the new tasks and push the failing tasks down the queue to prevent any delays.

#2. Bug: ‘Unable To Authenticate User’ Error Appearing Randomly On Dashboard

Multiple customers reported that they were randomly getting the ‘Unable to authenticate the user. Missing rdSecureKey parameter’ error. The issue was traced to immediate and repeated clicking on different Dashboard buttons. This has been fixed by modifying SecureKey’s session storage logic.

#3. Bug: An Existing Document Template Is Not Showing Up In The System

One of the customers reported that they could not find the Document Template they had created. Upon investigation, it was found that the screen only showed a limited number of templates. This issue has been fixed by increasing the size of the page and applying pagination.

#4. Bug: Additional Email Addresses Not Being Carried Over To The Invoice Draft

A customer reported that when using the ‘Copy from Client’ or ‘Copy from Matter’ option in the Edit Invoice>Edit Address dialog, it was not carrying over the ‘Additional Emails’ for the Draft Invoices. This has been fixed.

#5. Bug: Running Expense Entries Report For A Single Month Does Not Return Any Records

Some customers reported that when the report was run for just one month, the Expense Entries Report did not return any records and displayed ‘No data found’ even if it had data in the selected range. This has been fixed.

#6. Bug: Dashboard Data Table Displays Error When Client Has Only One, Inactive Matter

It was internally identified that the Data Table under Financial Dashboard was displaying an error when there was only one, inactive Matter. This has been fixed by modifying the query to exclude inactive matters.

#7. Bug: Payment Voided From TimeSolvPay Portal Showing As Allocatable On Trust Screen

It was internally identified that a Payment was voided from TimeSolvPay Portal, but still showed up as Allocatable on the Trust screen. This has been fixed so that Trust Payments voided from the TimeSolvPay Portal also show up as voided on the TimeSolv’s Trust screen.

#8. Bug: Source For Website Payments Changes When Linking Payments To Client/Matter

It was internally identified that when using the ‘Website Payments’ link to ‘Pay as Guest’, and then linking the Payment to a Client/Matter, the source would change from ‘Website Payments’ to ‘TimeSolvPay Portal.’ This has been fixed so that Payments or Trust Deposits made via the Website link will always show the ‘Website Payment’ as the source.

#9. Bug: Incorrect Budget Permissions Displayed Against The Timekeeper Under Team Tab

It was internally identified that the Budget Access permissions were showing up incorrectly for the Timekeeper under the ‘Team Tab’ when creating a new Client and Matter, even though the Timekeeper’s permission was set to ‘All Access.’ This has been fixed.

#10. Bug: Staff, Client, And Financial Dashboards Were Not Visible For Users With ‘View Only’ Permission

It was internally identified that if the Firm users have ‘View Only’ permission, they are unable to access the Staff, Client, Financial, Amount, and Billing Rate dashboards. This has been fixed.

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