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TimeSolv Version 20230422 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: April 22, 2023

#1. Enhancement: Payment Failure Messages Enhanced to Include Reason

TimeSolvPay error messages have been enhanced to include enough details for the user to understand the reason for the error. The Payment process failure’s error message now contains the actual error message received from STAX.
This has been implemented in the TimeSolv Web App, the Client Portal and when making Payments using the Website link.

#2. Enhancement: Further Improved Invoice Generation Process for Summarized Timecards 

Invoice generation process for Summarized Timecards has been further enhanced for increased performance. Invoices with a huge number of Summarized Timecards now get generated smoothly.

#3. Bug Fix: Line Item Tax Total Showing Up Blank for Invoices Without VAT 

A customer reported that when there is no VAT on an Invoice, the [LINE_ITEM_TAX_TOTAL]  field remained blank, whereas it should show ‘0.’ This has been fixed.

#4. Bug Fix: Unable to Delete Payment Method On-file

A customer reported that they were unable to delete the Payment Method On-file and the system was giving an error. This has been fixed.
#5. Bug Fix: QBO Not Syncing Information Related to Trust Transfer From Operating Account

A customer reported that QBO gave error when syncing information related to funds transferred from an Operating Account to a Trust Account. This has been fixed by updating the QBO Sync process to handle Trust Transfers.

#6. Bug Fix: Stopping the Timer from the Header Stops All Running Time Entries

Internally it was identified that clicking the Running Timer’s Stop icon on the header would stop all other running Time Entries as well. This has been fixed on the Time Search and the Time Entry screens so that stopping the Timer by the current logged-in Timekeeper would not stop the Time Entries for other Timekeepers.

#7. Bug Fix: Previous Balance Not Shown on Invoice Even Though the Matter Has Previous Balance Due

A customer reported that the Previous Balance was not shown on the Invoice even though the Client/Matter had Previous Balance due. This has been fixed so that the Balance is calculated correctly and displayed on the Invoice.

#8. Bug Fix: Incorrect Previous Balance for Invoices with “Include Trust Accounts” Disabled

A client reported that the Previous Balance was not being calculated correctly when the option “Include Trust Accounts” was disabled from the Invoice Settings. This has been fixed.

#9. Bug Fix: On Payments & Credits Screen, Transfer Option is Not Visible For Some Client/Matters

It was internally identified that if a Client/Matter had no Invoice against it, the Transfer option was not available on the Payments & Credits screen. This has been fixed.

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