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TimeSolv Version 20230318 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: March 18, 2023

#1: Enhancement: Payments – Trust Screen’s Performance Enhancement and Optimization

Enhanced and optimized on the Trust Payment’s screen to reduce the dataset size and to improve load time every time data is fetched.

#2: Enhancement: Reports – Added Columns in the CSV Version of the Revenue and Commissions Report

Additional columns have been added to the CSV version of the Revenue and Commissions Report. This report can now be grouped by Staff Member Group and Staff Member Subgroup.

#3: Enhancement: Time – Added Pagination Controls on the Rate Change Screen

Pagination controls have been added to the Rate Change screen, and the number of Timecards that can be accessed has been increased from 250 to 500, enabling customers to view all the records.

#4: Enhancement: Clients/Matters – Enhancements to the Webhook Payload

The webhook payload now includes Category, Sub-category, system-generated Project & Client IDs for the Create and Update Project events, and the system-generated Client ID for the Create and Update Client events.

#5: Bug: Payments – Customer was Unable to Make Payments via Credit Card

A customer’s payment was declined, and the error message did not provide a reason for the decline as it failed to expand and display the complete message.
The issue was with the Stax API key and was resolved by generating a new key for the customer.

#6: Bug: Payments – The System was Not Allowing the Customer Unable to Pay Invoices

The Customer created the account without the CNP Gateway, which resulted in the system giving the ‘No Applicable Gateway Defined’ error. As such, the customer was unable to pay off the invoice. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug: Payments – Users Not Allowed to Pay via ‘Credit Card – Manual Entry’ Can Still Make Payments Using this Method 

A customer’s end users who were configured only to accept ACH Payments were also able to pay invoices using the ‘Credit Card – Manual Entry’ option. This issue has been fixed.

#8: Bug: Clients/Matters – Extra Space in the Error Message Hindering the Text’s Validation 

Internally, it was found that disabling a Matter with unbilled Time Entries and unpaid Invoices triggers a warning message with additional space in the text, which hinders the text’s validation.

#9: Bug: Invoicing – When Searching Using the “Invoiced” filter, Draft Invoices Also Get Listed in the Results 

Internally, it was found that Expense Entries of a Draft Invoice are visible under the Invoiced filter, whereas these should not be visible. This has been fixed, and the search results list only the invoiced entries.

#10: Bug: Payments – A User Can Make Payments Even If the User is Restricted for that Payment Type 

It was internally identified that the users can still make Payments using the Payment Method, which is not allowed, by copying/pasting the URL on the Client Portal and from the Website Payment link. This has been fixed, and the user will not have access to the Restricted Payment types.

#11: Bug: Payments – User is able to Make Multiple Refunds Against a Single Payment

It was internally identified that repeatedly clicking the Save button results in multiple entries when making a refund. The amount would show up as being refunded as many times as the Save button was clicked. This behavior has been fixed.

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