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TimeSolv Version 20230219 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: February 19, 2023

#1: Enhancement: Payments – Review ACH Payment Before Proceeding to Pay

A review step has been added to the ACH Payments process to allow users to review the payment before proceeding to pay. This step has been added when users make payments from the TimeSolv App, Client Portal, Website Payments, and the Invoice Pay and Allocate screen.

#2: Enhancement: Payments – Show Only Permitted Payment Methods on Website Payments and the Client Portal

Clients making payments from the Website or the Client Portal will only see the allowed payment method setup under the Clients>Settings>Client Portal>Allowed Payment MethodsĀ dropdown.

This setting will determine the payment methods available on the Client Portal’s ‘Request Payment Method’ screen and Website Payment’s ‘Pay as Guest’ screen.


#3: Bug: Invoices – Invoices with Interest Applied are Not Getting Split Properly

A customer reported that on an invoice with interest applied to it and with only one matter, they had to perform additional steps to finalize and split the invoice properly. This has been fixed, and the Invoice with interest applied can now be finalized, even if it is just for the applicable Matter.


#4: Bug: Invoices – Invoice Summary Report Does Not Have Alphabetical or Numeric Sorting

Several customers have reported that the Invoice Summary Report in PDF format does not show a proper alphabetical or numerical arrangement for the client names or invoice numbers.

The issue has been resolved, and the Invoices are now sorted alphabetically by Client, with each client’s invoices displayed in ascending order.


#5: Bug: Integration – Clients and Matters are Not Syncing with NetDocuments

A customer reported a particular scenario where the Clients and Matters did not sync automatically in NetDocuments against a new project. This has been fixed, and when a new project is created, Clients and Matters get synced correctly between TimeSolv and NetDocuments.

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