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TimeSolv Version 20230122 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: January 22, 2023

#1: Enhancement: Time Entries – Minimum Daily Hours Highlighted for Each Day

For each day, the Time Entries calendar now highlights the Minimum Daily Hours in red, bold text. If the Timekeeper logs no hours, zero (0) is displayed.

The message ‘Fewer than x hours’ in red text is also displayed in the tooltip, which appears when users hover over a date. If the user has permission to view billable hours, the tooltip message changes to ‘Fewer than x billable hours.’


#2: Enhancement: Clients & Matters – New Option ‘Matter then Global Rate’ Added Under ‘Rate By’ Dropdown

Under Clients>Clients & Matters>(select client)>General, users now have an additional option in the ‘Rate By‘ dropdown to set ‘Matter then Global Rate‘ as the first preference. If the Matter Rate is unavailable, the ‘Global Rate’ specified against the Matter is used.


#3: Enhancement: Analytics – Time and Expense Dashboard Matrices and Charts Updated

The Billed metric at the top and the Invoiced chart displayed the ‘Amount’ value from the Time Entry screen. Now, the Dashboard will pick up the amount from the Time Card when editing Draft Invoices. This allows the updated value persisting at the Invoice level to be displayed on the Dashboard.


#4: Enhancement: Statements – Statement Email’s Payment Link Opens the Client Portal with Pre-selected Client/Matter

When the Client Portal is accessed from the statement email’s payment link, the information will be pre-selected in the dropdown against the Client/Matter for which the email with the statement was sent. In the previous implementation, it used to pick up the first Matter in the dropdown by default.


#5: Enhancement: Invoices – Persisting Timekeeper and Timekeeper Manager Commissions

For users who opt to ‘Copy Commissions on Invoice,’ the Timekeeper and the Timekeeper’s Manager commissions are now shown on the Commissions Tab and with the correct commission type. The commissions are also shown on the Revenue and Commissions report. If the commission is overridden on the Invoice, the overridden value from the Invoice is displayed on the report.

If the ‘Copy Commissions on Invoice’ option is unchecked, the Revenue and Commissions report reads these commissions from the Timekeeper record.


#6: Enhancement: Task To-Do – Added a Filter ‘Timer’ with Multiple Options 

On the Task To-Do screen, a new filter, ‘Timer,’ has been added to narrow the search results based on the timers in their different states. From the ‘Timer’ filter’s dropdown, users can select from All, None Accumulated, Running, Paused, and Limit Exceeded. These states are represented by different colors, while the timer in the ‘Running’ state is shown as an animated icon.
To learn more, click here on Plan Task Timers.


#7: Bug: NetDocuments – NetDocuments Disconnecting Intermittently

It was reported that NetDocuments was facing an intermittent disconnect behavior with no apparent cause. The connection logic for the NetDocuments integration was improvised from the backend, and the intermittent disconnect issue is fixed. 

#8: Bug: LEDES Invoices – In the LEDES 1998B V2 File, the Tax is Not Displayed

A customer reported that the LEDES 1998B V2 file format was not populating the tax amount column for invoices with VAT calculated on them. This has been fixed, and the tax amount is displayed correctly in the LEDES file.


#9: Bug: Invoices – System Gives Error Downloading Large LEDES Invoices

Some customers reported that they were getting an error when downloading a large LEDES invoice. The issue was identified with different LEDES formats, which were taking a long time to process huge datasets.

This issue was fixed by introducing efficient queries to optimize the processing time and increase the performance.


#10: Bug: Time/Expense Entries – Unnecessary HTML Tags Appearing in Message on Saving Time/Expense Entries which Exceed Budget

Creating Expense Entries on Matters with a defined budget show a pop-up informing the user that the Matter’s budget has exceeded. This pop-up message also had unnecessary HTML tags. The same behavior was experienced when saving Time Entries against Matters with a budget. This has been cleaned up so unnecessary code does not appear in the pop-up.


#11: Bug: Time Analytics – Target vs Billable Chart Not Showing the Correct Collected Amount

It was reported that the Target vs Billable chart picked up the ‘Amount’ based on the ‘Payment Date,’ showing the incorrect collected amount. This has been fixed, so the collected amount is now calculated based on the ‘Allocation Date.’

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