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TimeSolv Version 20230110 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: January 10, 2023

#1: Bug: Time Entry Analytics – Target Vs Billable Chart Including Tax2 as Part of Collected Amount

A customer reported that Tax2 was shown as part of the collected amount in the Target vs Billable Chart under Time Analytics. This has been fixed so that Tax2 is omitted and the amount only shows the Time Card collections.


#2: Bug: Export – Matter Export Result Displaying Inactive Originating Attorneys 

A customer reported that the Matter Export under Accounts>Import>Export results were also fetching inactive Originating Attorneys. This has been fixed so that the inactive Originating Attorneys are excluded from the export results.


#3: Bug: Integration – macOS 13 Preventing Download or Access to QuickBooksOnlineSync Tool

TimeSolv users who had recently upgraded their macOS to Ventura 13.0 were unable to run TimeSolvQuickBooksSyncOnline app due to some Java compatibility issues.

Earlier a workaround to this issue was released enabling users to download the TimeSolvQBOLauncher.

Now, a new version of the launcher has been released which can be downloaded from the ‘Download for macOS Ventura‘ link provided on the Account/Integrations>TimeSolv QuickBooks Sync For QuickBooks Online‘ screen.

For more details, click here on QuickBooks Sync Installation for QuickBooks Online.


#4: Bug: TimeSolvPay – Users Unable to Pay Invoices from the Client Portal

Some TimeSolvPay clients reached out to report that they were unable to pay off invoices from their client portal when they clicked on the ‘Pay’ button. The solution was provided as a hotfix and is working as expected.

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