TimeSolv Version 20221210 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: December 10, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Time Entry Analytics - Metrics and Visualization Improved

Timekeepers who do not have permission 'Can View and Override Rate?' enabled will only be able to see Metrics and Visualizations for 'Hours'. Any metrics on amounts (dollars) on the Time Analytics screen will be hidden for them on this screen.


#2: Enhancement: Invoices - Ability to Lock Commissions on Sent Invoices

TimeSolv Admins can lock the commission information associated with the Matter so that changing the Matter's Originator and the responsible Timekeeper does not affect the Draft Invoice. This feature is based on the property 'Copy Commissions on Invoice' which, when checked, copies the original commission information from the Matter onto the Draft Invoice. 

Users will still be able to override the commission percentages on the Draft Invoice for the Responsible/Originating Timekeepers defined at the Matter level or specify additional originating Timekeeper commissions.


#3: Enhancement: Reports - Displayed Historical Data on Revenue & Commissions Report

The Revenue and Commissions Report has been enhanced to show historical data on commission recipients and rates. If the option 'Copy Commissions on Invoice' is checked, the Report will fetch data originally entered when the invoice was finalized.

Previously, the Revenue and Commissions Report used to fetch current/existing data i.e. when the Matter's commission and the originator had been changed.


#4: Bug: Trust Payments - Searching Large Datasets Using 'Balance Only' Option Gives Error

When Firms searched large datasets using the ‘Balance Only’ option, the search would take quite some time and eventually break, resulting in errors. This has been fixed by optimizing queries to allow huge datasets to be searched without any issues. 


#5: Bug: Payments - Payment Amount Not Populating When Allocating Payments  

Customers reported that Payment Amounts were not showing up when they hit the ‘Allocate’ button and that they had to manually enter the amounts. This issue has been resolved and the amount shows up in the fields.


#6: Bug: Time Entry Analytics - Target vs Billable Chart Not Calculating Actual Total Hours

On the Time Entry Analytics screen when users clicked the 'Actual Total Hours' link in the legend on the 'Target vs Billable' graph, Actual Total Hours were not represented correctly. The calculation for Actual Total Hours has been corrected and represented correctly on the graph.