TimeSolv Version 20221127 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: November 27, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Plan Tasks To-Do - Timer Runs Across Midnight

If a Timekeeper has Plan Task Timer that crosses through midnight, the timer runs are spliced into two: one that starts at the Timer's start time and ends at midnight (23:59) and the other from midnight (00:01) to the specified end time or when the Timer is stopped for that session.

This enhancement allows the TimeSolv app to generate Time Records for the appropriate dates automatically. Additionally, the Timekeepers can start and stop the Timer for an existing task to record any additional time spent on that task.


#2: Enhancement: Plan Tasks To-Do - Limit Unrecorded Time for Plan Task Timers

Using the 'Maximum Un-recorded Time', firm Admins can specify the maximum un-recorded time in hours and limit the Time that can be added against a Timer before the user is forced to record a Time Entry. Enabling this feature forces the Timekeeper to keep recording Time until the maximum unrecorded time threshold defined in the system is reached.


#3: Enhancement: Time Entry Calendar - Highlighting Unrecorded Minimum Daily Hours 

This enhancement alerts the user if the required hours recorded do not meet the minimum daily hours defined in the system. Dates on the calendar now show the total recorded time in bold red text. Also, when a user hovers over the date on the calendar to view the tooltip, in addition to the Billable, Non-billable No Charge type hours, a message is displayed at the bottom in red, bold text to indicate that the user has recorded less than the required hours.

Click here to learn more about Viewing Timekeeper's Minimum Daily Hours.


#4: Enhancement: Plan Task To-Do - Plan Task Timers For Specific Timekeepers Only

For Plan Tasks that are accessible to multiple users, Plan Task Timers record activity independently against individual Timekeepers assigned to the Plan Task. This enhancement ensures that Timer runs are recorded for specific timekeepers only, and do not affect the other Timer Runs for the same task by other users.


#5: Enhancement: Plan Task To-Do - Resetting Plan Task Timers

Timekeepers are now able to reset Plan Task Timers, allowing them to remove any unrecorded time for the Timekeeper. This option is available as a dropdown and visible only when there is no unrecorded time associated with the Timer and when it is not running i.e. in a stopped state.


#6: Bug: Invoices - Showing Previous Invoice Balance Even When No Balance Was Due

The customer reported an issue where an Invoice was showing the Previous Invoice Balance even though there was no previous balance. This has been fixed and the amount is displaying as expected.


#7: Bug: Time Analytics - Target vs Billable Chart Displaying Incorrect Collected Amount

The Target vs Billable chart was displaying incorrect values for the Collected Amount. This has been fixed and now the Collected Time Amount over the months is shown in a cumulative manner.


 #8: Bug: Payments - Showing Incorrect Amount on Payments & Credits Screen

Previously, the Allocate Credits screen showed the cumulative amount of all the invoices. After the fix, it displays the oldest invoice amount first, which is how it should show when the user clicks the 'Allocate' button without clicking on the 'Allocate Oldest First' or 'Compute Equal Proportions' buttons. 


#9: Bug: Payments - Unable to Allocate Payments

Many customers reported that they were unable to allocate payments from the Payments screen. The solution was provided as a hotfix and is working as expected.


#10: Bug: Integrations - Unable to Connect OneDrive with TimeSolv

Customers reported that they were unable to connect OneDrive with the TimeSolv App. The solution was provided as a hotfix and is working as expected.


#11: Bug: TimeSolv Login -Users Unable to Log in to their Firm

It was identified that a user can set the session timeout duration to zero, which logged the user out immediately from the Firm and thus prevented the user from updating the Settings again. This issue has been fixed and now the system does not allow users to save Session Timeout duration of fewer than 6 minutes i.e., 0.1 hours.


#12: Bug: Invoices - Unable to Send Large LEDES Invoices via Email

One of the customers was unable to download a large LEDES Invoice and the download process would give a Timeout error. To fix this issue, performance optimization and tweaks were carried out to ensure large invoices can be downloaded without giving any errors.