TimeSolv Version 20221030 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: October 30, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Plan Task Screen - Timers Added To Record Time

On the Plan Task screen, the system allows users to record time against their tasks for a given Client/Matter by starting and stopping timers.


#2: Enhancement: Time Analytics - Target vs Actual Chart Was Including No-Charge Hours 

The calculation of Actual Billable Hours in the 'Target vs Actual' chart has been modified to exclude No-Charge hours.


#3: Enhancement: Time Entry Reports - Task Groups Added On The Time Entry Report's CSV Version

On the CSV version of the Time Entries Report, the Task Groups column has been added. This column lists Task Group Codes against Time Entries if the Time Entries are part of a Task Group.


#4: Bug Fix: Reports – Discrepancy In Time Worked vs Time Billed Per Professional

Some customers reported that the Realization per Professional and Timekeeper Profitability reports were showing different data for the same month. The following has been fixed:

- The Realization per Professional report now includes the No Charge hours when showing billed hours.

- The Timekeeper Profitability report now also shows the number of hours that were billed.


#5: Bug: Time Analytics Charts - Collected And Actual Billable Amounts Do Not Match 

It was reported that the Target vs Billable chart shows incorrect values for Actual Billable Hours and Actual Billable Amount. This has been fixed so that No-Charge Hours in the chart are not included in the Billable Hours.


#6: Bug: Invoices - Unable To Create Large Volume Draft Invoices

Customers reported that they were unable to create large volume Draft Invoices and the system would give a Timeout error. The issue has been fixed by optimizing the update query.

#7: Bug: Mobile App - TimeSolv Mobile App Does Not Update For Both Android And iOS

Customers reported that they were unable to update the TimeSolv Mobile App for both Android and iOS platforms and the system was giving a warning message in the header. New versions of the Apps are published in the stores and users can download them to resolve this issue.

#8: Bug: Audit Logs - The Audit Log Screen Is Sluggish And Returns Timeout Error

It was reported by the customers that the Audit Log screen was running slow and used to return a Timeout error. The issue has been by optimizing the audit log queries and infrastructure.

#9: Bug: Time/Expense Analytics - Billed Amount Including No-Charge Entries' Total

The Metrics for 'BILLED' amount was displaying amount which included the No-Charge entries also. Now the amount for No-Charge entries in not included in the 'BILLED' amount. This has been fixed in the Analytics for both the Time as well as Expense entries.