TimeSolv Version 20221016 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: October 16, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Editing Time/Expense Entry on Draft Invoices 

Timekeepers can now edit Time/Expense entries on the Draft Invoice itself to use for a different Client/Matter or simply create another copy using these enhancements:

  • The Move option will allow users to remove the selected entry from the Draft Invoice and move it under the newly selected Client/Matter in the Submitted state.
  • The Copy option will allow users to open the Edit dialog and create a copy of the respective Time/Expense entry with the current values selected on the screen or save it with different values.

For more details, click here.

#2: Bug Fix: Zero AR /Bulk Charge – Paid Invoices Not Getting Listed Under Sent Invoices

Customers reported some instances where they were not able to see paid Invoices under the Invoices>Sent tab. There was a bug in the Zero AR functionality which has been fixed. 


#3: Bug Fix: Revenue and Commissions Report - Discrepancy in Payment’s Persistence 

There was a discrepancy related to payment persistence in the Revenue and Commissions report, which has been resolved.


#4: Bug Fix: Time /Expense Dashboards – Tooltip Issue on Fiscal Year Month-Driven Charts 

Some customers reported that on the Time and Expense Dashboards, Tooltip was not displaying the correct month on all the Fiscal Year Month-driven charts. This has been fixed so that the correct month shows up in the Tooltip when hovering over it. 


#5: Bug: Time Analytics Charts - Displaying Hours Up to One Decimal on Tooltips 

On the Time Analytics charts, the tooltip now displays the value with one decimal place and with the ‘h’ abbreviation at the end to indicate it is an hour value.


#6: Bug: Time Analytics Charts - Fixed Amount Charge Not Included in Analytics

Customers reported that Time Analytics was not including the Fixed Amount Charge for Timecards having a fixed fee assigned to them.
This has been fixed so that now Time Analytics takes into account the fixed fee Time Entries.