TimeSolv Version 20220928 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: September 28, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Tooltip on Time Entry Calendar

Timekeepers are now able to see the breakdown of hours based on billable type as a tooltip on their calendars when users mouse hover on their Time Entries. The 'Amount' column only gets displayed if the user has the correct permissions assigned. 

#2: Bug Fix: Generating Statements for Responsible Professionals - 'No Invoice Since' Field Disappears

It was reported that when generating statements by Responsible Professionals and selecting Professionals, the 'No Invoice Since' field appeared for some Professionals in the list while disappeared when others were selected. The issue has been resolved so that the date field is now visible when selecting a Responsible Professional from the list.

#3: Bug Fix: Viewing Audit Logs - Timeout Error When Loading Audit Logs

Some customers reported that when they try to view Audit Logs, the screen keeps loading and then gives a timeout error. It was also happening on every subsequent search and even on logs with few entries. This issue has been resolved, and users can benefit from Audit Logs again.