TimeSolv Version 20220918 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: September 18, 2022

#1: Enhancement: TimeSolv Web App

It was reported that a firm was facing slowness in multiple areas of the TimeSolv web app. Enhancements were made to optimize the web functionality, especially for those firms that deal with masses of data.

#2: Enhancement: Request Payment Method from Clients

Firm admins now have the ability to request payment methods from clients so that they can be automatically charged in the future under the Zero AR initiative.

#3: Enhancement: Export - Matter (Custom Fields)

Enhancements were made to Matter Exports with custom fields. String contacts were not able to handle massive volumes of data and the process was taking excessive time. Larger files were unable to be downloaded within the 100 second response time. Enhancements were made so that the export process of Matters with custom fields runs more smoothly.

#4: Enhancement: Show Calculation Details for Dashboard Metrics in Tooltip

Product managers can now show calculation details for complex metrics on the Firm Staff and Client Dashboards so that users are able to fully understand the information that is visible on the Dashboard.

#5: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay (Recurring Payments) - ACH Payment Failing to Process

It was reported that TimeSolvPay was showing an error message when a customer had set up a recurring online payment that was failing to process. It was discovered that the user had entered excessive characters in the description note that caused the system to show an error. The description and reference field length allowances have been adjusted so that this issue is resolved.