TimeSolv Version 20220822 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: August 22, 2022

#1: Enhancement: TimeSolvPay Performance Improvements

Performance improvements have been made to TimeSolvPay after thoroughly analyzing the current implementation.

#2: Enhancement: QBSync Online - Optimization

QuickBooks Sync Online has had optimization enhancements, including timeout fixes and additional logging.

#3: Enhancement: Recurring Payment Enhancements

We have made enhancements to the recurring payments feature. It was determined if payment methods are not found the cycle should still execute, and the next date logic should be updated based on the last cycle date.

#4: Enhancement: Implement Missing Persistence Use-cases

TimeSolv has implemented the missing use-cases where data was not being persisted so it was showing on various Dashboards and Reports. 

#5: Bug Fix: Success/Failure Email to Firm Admin

There were some incorrections on the firm admin success/failure emails sent by the system. The email text has been revised and fixed.