TimeSolv Version 20220707 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: July 7, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Website Payments

Firm admins can now allow anyone who visits the Website Payment Form to be able to make operating/trust deposits so that they can reduce user friction and accept retainers/payments from entities that are not yet set up as a client and do not have any outstanding invoices in TimeSolv.

#2: Enhancement: Redirect User to Configured Logout URL when SSO is Enabled

Firm admins that use single sign-on can now allow TimeSolv users to be redirected to the logout URL specified in SSO configuration so that they are not presented with the standard login page that requires them to enter their credentials.

#3: Enhancement: View Transactions not Linked to TimeSolv Payment Records

Previously, when 'Unlinked' TimeSolvPay Transactions were selected, the Client/Matter drop down would be disabled and the user was only able to view the transactions that were not associated with a payment record in TimeSolv (and therefore no Client-Matter specified). TimeSolv has added a 'Linked' option for all transactions that are not associated with a payment record in TimeSolv. Users can select the Client-Matter when creating the payment record. Once the payment record is saved, it is automatically linked to the TimeSolvPay transaction.

#4: Bug Fix: Tax 2 Shown in "Fees Collected" Amount on "Commission and Revenue" Report

It was reported that 'Tax 2' was appearing in the 'Fees Collected' amount under the 'Commission and Revenue' report, as Tax 1 was not appearing. This has been fixed. 

#5: Bug Fix: TimeSolv Backup - Multiple Backup Emails/Links Sent

It was reported that customers who had requested the TimeSolv backup service were getting multiple backup emails/links. During analysis, it was found that the process timer would time out causing the timer to run again and cause duplicate emails. This has been fixed.