TimeSolv Version 20220606 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: June 6, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Dashboard - Metrics/Charts Check

TimeSolv made performance improvements with the Dashboard feature in checking that all the metrics/charts were not resulting in errors.

#2: Enhancement: Track Payments Made via QR Code or Payment Link Clicks

Users can now track invoice payments that have been made via QR code scans and payment links on the firm’s invoices so that firms can determine their adoption rate. 

#3: Enhancement: Conditional Approval for TimeSolvPay Enabled

Firms can now start collecting online payments as soon as they have signed up for TimeSolvPay so as to reduce friction for clients in terms of paying the firm.

#4: Enhancement: Option to Save Bank Account Information in Client Portal

Clients will now have the option to save their bank account details when paying an invoice through the Client Portal so that they do not have to enter it again for future payments.

#5: Enhancement: Set Expiration on Invoice Payment URLs

Changes have been made on the Client Portal so that a message is displayed when a user tries to pay via the payment URL or QR code for an invoice that has already been paid. Likewise, a message is also displayed if the payment link has expired.

#6: Bug Fix: “Hours Overview” Chart

“Hours Overview” chart on the Time Dashboard was not showing “Billable”, “Non-Billable”, and “No Charge” labels. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: Invoice - Older Trust Payments are Showing on the Newly Generated Invoices

It was reported that older Trust payments continued to show on invoices month after month. This issue has been fixed so that the older Trust payments only show once on an invoice.

#8: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay - Error When Searching on the Transactions Screen

Multiple customers had reported that they were getting an error on the TimeSolvPay > Transactions search. This has been fixed so that the search feature is working without any issues and no error is displayed on the search filters.