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TimeSolv Version 20220114 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: January 14, 2022

#1: New Feature: Option to Create Recurring Payments

Firm Admins can now create and track recurring payments within the TimeSolv web app so that they can charge their clients on a recurring basis without having to use the TimeSolvPay portal.

#2: Enhancement: Display Past Runs for a Recurring Payment

Firm Admins can now see the past runs for a recurring payment so that they can track progress and make any adjustments if needed.

#3: Enhancement: Edit Time/Expense Entries from Approve Screen

Time/Expense Entry Approvers now have the ability to edit all fields of an entry from the Approval screen so that they can make edits without leaving the screen.

#4: Enhancement: Option to Retry Failed Transactions

TimeSolv billing Admins can now be notified of any failed charges against a recurring payment and can retry the failed transactions so that they can take corrective action in a timely manner.

#5: Enhancement: Limit Date Range Selection on Time and Expense Dashboards to Last 12 Months

Users can now limit the date range on the Time and Expense Dashboards to not span over more than 12 months so as to limit the data that needs to be fetched.

#6: Enhancement: Firm Staff Dashboard – Display Utilization Rate, Collection Rate, Realization Rate, and Metrics

Firm Admins can now see:

  • The utilization rate of staff so that firms can track their performance.
  • The collection rate of staff so that firms can track their performance.

  • The realization rate of staff so that firms can track their performance.
  • Performance-related metrics on the staff dashboard.

#7: Enhancement: Display Additional Details for Recurring Payments

Firm Admins now have the ability to view additional details regarding a recurring payment so that they can see how the recurring payments are progressing.

#8: Enhancement: Send Tax Rate to Xero

TimeSolv now allows Firm Admins to pass the effective tax rate when syncing invoices with Xero instead of using a 0% rate and sending tax as an invoice line item so that:

  1. Any applicable taxes are correctly calculated and displayed on reports/invoices within Xero, and,
  2. firms are able to use the Sales Tax filing feature available in Xero to prepare and submit their tax returns.

#9: Enhancement: Firm Admins Should Access TimeSolvPay Portal with their Own Accounts

All Firms Admins can now have their own accounts to access TimeSolvPay Portal so that their activity within the portal can be tracked.

#10: Enhancement: Stopping a Recurring Payment

Users now have the ability to manually stop a recurring schedule so that they can prevent further charges from being processed against it in case a customer terminates or any other condition arises.

#11: Enhancement: Additional Options to Terminate a Recurring Payment Schedule

Firm Admins now have the ability to automatically end a recurring payment when a certain amount or number of payments has been collected so that they have more flexibility when automating payment collection.

#12: Bug Fix: Invoice – Tax of Multiple Project Invoices aren’t Adding up Correctly

It was reported a rounding issue with the tax on the consolidated invoices was occurring. For some of the consolidated invoices, the combined total of the tax was rounding up or down. This has been fixed.

#13: Bug Fix: Invoice – Replenishment Line Item in the Invoice Total is Showing Incorrect Amount

It was reported that the line item showing the amount due for Trust replenishment on the invoice total was just showing the total dollar amount of the ‘Replenish To’ field rather than the difference between the ‘Replenish To’ and the balance of the Trust account. This has been fixed.

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