TimeSolv Version 20220409 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: April 9, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Allowing Portuguese Characters in Client and Matter Names when Synced in NetDocs

TimeSolv now allows Portuguese characters when creating Client-Matters with the TimeSolv and NetDocuments integration.

#2: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay - Error Message Appears with 'TimeSolvPay Portal' Button

An error message was appearing when clicking on the TimeSolvPay Portal button. This has been fixed.

#3: Bug Fix: Dashboard Crashes on Production and Blocks Time Entry Creation

It was reported by a few customers that they were unable to enter Time in the system under the Time Entry screen; particularly, the Client-Matter dropdown field was not loading. The Dashboard was also failing in production. This issue has been fixed.

#4: Bug Fix: Time/Expense Dashboard not Showing the Collected Amount

It was reported that the 'Collected' field on the 'Time Entry - Analytics' screen was not showing any collection while the 'Revenue', 'Invoice Payment with Allocation' and 'Payment' reports were showing the correct collected amount. This issue has been fixed.

#5: Bug Fix: Trust Replenishment Screen Showing Inactive Matters

The Trust Replenishment screen was showing inactive Matters with a replenishment request and without any indication the Matters were inactive. This caused obvious confusion for the customers concerned and the issue has been fixed.

#6: Bug Fix: Trust Transactions not Appearing in Chronological Order on Trust and Payment Screens

Under the Payments>Trust screen the transactions shown on the lower part of the screen were no longer in chronological order. This issue has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: Dashboard - Collected Amount not Appearing on 'Firm Dashboard', 'Time Dashboard', and 'Expense Dashboard'

The Firm, Time, and Expense Dashboards were not adding fully paid invoice amounts when calculating the collected amount. This issue has been fixed so that the collected amount should appear properly on the relevant Dashboards.