TimeSolv Version 20220225 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: February 25, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Transaction History (TimeSolvPay)

Users are now able to view transactions processed through TimeSolvPay along with their status from within the TimeSolv web app so that they have all the necessary details within the application, and TimeSolvPay is presented as a fully integrated payment solution.

#2: Enhancement: Payment Source on Transaction Screen Displayed (TimeSolvPay)

A new column ‘Source’ has been added on the TimeSolvPay Transactions screen. Depending on the source of the payment, the appropriate icon is displayed with a tooltip displaying the source. Users also have the option to filter transactions based on the source.

#3: Enhancement: Stax Onboarding Application Simplified (TimeSolvPay)

As a way of simplifying the process for users when applying for Stax onboarding (TimeSolvPay), we have minimized the information required for approval.

#4: Enhancement: Payment Method Details on Transaction Screen Displayed (TimeSolvPay)

In addition to last 4 digits of Credit Card/Bank Account, the 'Payment Method' column now displays the actual payment method used when entering the payment. Users also have the option to filter based on the payment method.

#5: Bug Fix: Invoice - Trust Balance Showing Incorrect Amount 

Multiple users reported that the Trust Balance on the 'Main Page' of an invoice was showing an incorrect $0 amount unless the 'Statement Page' was included with the invoice. This has been fixed.