TimeSolv Version 20211230 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: December 30, 2021

#1: New Feature: Line Item Payment Allocations

Users are now able to allocate payments at the line item level, as well as override default payment allocations to tax, interest, time, and expense entries on the invoice so that they have full control over how the payment gets allocated.

#2: Bug Fix: Statements - "Error Executing Query" Error when Generating Statements by Matters or Responsible TKs

It was reported that an "Error executing query" error appeared when attempting to run statements by Matters or Responsible Timekeepers. This has been fixed.

#3: Bug Fix: Draft Invoice - Downloading all Invoices as "PDF - Multiple Files" Gives Error

When users ran a bulk download file of the draft invoices the loading wheel continued to spin and gave an error. This has been fixed

 #4: Bug Fix: Trust - Transfer Option is not Showing Unless Last Trust Transaction Date Falls in Date Range Filter

Multiple customers reported being unable to view the Transfer button on the Trust screen to transfer the balance from one Matter to another. TimeSolv found the user had to select the date range under which the last Trust transaction was made to see the option of transferring the Trust balance. This has been fixed.