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TimeSolv Version 20220618 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: June 18, 2022

#1: Enhancement: Generate Tax Listing Report Based on Payment Allocation Date

Users can generate the Tax Listing report for Payment Allocation Date so that they can determine the dollar amount of tax that has been collected in a certain period.

#2: Enhancement: Improved User Experience for Bulk Charge Operation

TimeSolv has made improvements to the Bulk Charge Operation so users can see the accurate charge status of invoices when performing bulk charges so that they can take corrective action for the failed charges.

#3: Bug Fix: Transactions Payment ‘Source’ displaying Incorrectly

It was reported that under the Transactions>Payment screen the ‘Source’ was displaying ‘Client-Portal – Email’ when opening invoices via email and paying using ‘Payment Link’. This has been fixed.

#4: Bug Fix: Reports – Invoice Summary with Payment Allocations not Handling Adjustments Correctly

It was reported that when generating an invoice with a discount and adjustment, after paying the invoice the ‘Invoice Summary with Payment Allocations’ report was not catering to the adjustment and discount applied. This has been fixed.

#5: Bug Fix: Website Payment Source Error

It was reported that when users tried to pay via the saved information under ‘Payment Method’ the system showed the source as ‘Client Portal – Direct Access’ on the Transaction screen. This has been fixed.

#6: Bug Fix: Website Payment/Client Portal Error Message

It was reported that an error message was appearing when users attempted to pay an invoice under the amount of $1 via saved ‘Payment Method’. This has been fixed.

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