TimeSolv Version 20211217 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: December 17, 2021

#1: Enhancement: Display Collected Amount on Time and Expense Dashboards

Users can now view the fee and expense collected amounts under Time>Analytics Dashboard so that they can track the collections for the fees and expenses that have been recorded in the system.

#2: Enhancement: Commission Information on Invoice

Applicable commission rates can now be persisted to the invoice so that existing invoices are not impacted by commission rate changes.

#3: Enhancement: R&C Report Should Pull Commission Rates from Invoice

Users now have the ability to override commission rates for firm staff on the invoice so that the commission rate can be adjusted for a specific invoice.

#4: Bug Fix: Invoice - Invoice No. Shown on the PDF - Footer is Trimmed

It was reported that the invoice number on the footer text was trimmed. For example, invoice number 2021187 had the last digit '7' trimmed off. This has been fixed. 

#5: Bug Fix: Firm Dashboard - Average Rate and Amount of Some Staff Member not Appearing Properly in “Top Staff Member” Chart

It was reported the 'Average Rate and Amount' of some Staff Members were hidden in the Dashboard chart. This issue has been fixed so that these amounts appear properly in the Dashboard chart.

#6: Bug Fix: TimeSync - App Does not Allow to Enter Time/Expense if Sidebar is Displayed

It was reported that if the sidebar to the left in TimeSync was displayed users were unable to type in the fields. Resizing the TimeSync app so that the sidebar was hidden would enable users to type in the fields and create Time/Expense entries. This issue was occurring on tablet views and has been fixed.

 #7: Bug Fix: Invoice - Fixed Fee - 'Include Missing' is Showing Time and Expense Entries Which are Outside the Invoice Date Range

The Fixed Fee draft invoice Time and Expense tabs showed 'Include Missing' for Time/Expenses which were outside of the invoice date range. Customers had to manually determine if any of the Time or Expenses were within the range. This has been fixed.