TimeSolv Version 20211201 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: December 1, 2021

#1: Enhancement: Client Portal Mobile Improvements

Clients are now able to view and pay invoices from the Client Portal using a mobile device so that they can make payments on the go and do not need to connect to a desktop computer to perform this action.

#2: Enhancement: Timekeeper - Permissions - "Access to Assigned Matters Only" Setting is Allowing the Enter Time / Expense for Client - Matters which are Unassigned

When checked, the "Access to Assigned Matters Only" setting was allowing Timekeepers to enter Time/Expense for other Timekeepers even on Matters for which they had no access. An enhancement has been made to ensure this feature functions correctly. 

#3: Bug Fix: Client Portal - Clients Getting Invalid Card / CVV Errors when Trying to Pay the Invoices

Multiple users reported that when their clients were trying to pay invoices via the Client Portal they were getting 'Invalid Card' and 'Invalid CVV' errors. This has been fixed by upgrading to the latest version of AffinyPay, version 1.1.1 

#4: Bug Fix: Firm Dashboard - Currency Symbol not Appearing with Amount in “Hours and Amount” Chart

It was reported that Billable, Non-Billable, and No-Charge amounts were showing without the currency symbol in the 'Hours and Amount' chart. This has been fixed so that the currency symbol appears with the amount.