TimeSolv Version 20211117 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: November 17, 2021

#1: New Feature: Ability to assign a UTBMS Code to Sub-Task Codes and Expense Code

Users can now create multiple Subtask and Expense Codes using the same UTBMS code so that firms can use their own internal codes that are then translated to a specific UTBMS code when generating LEDES invoice, and all associated entries can be aggregated and charged against the same UTBMS code in a LEDES invoice.

#2: Bug Fix: Expense Entry Popup Message: ‘Please Wait While the Expense Entry is Being Created’

When the Expense Code field is set as 'Required' and left empty, the screen does not go back to the Expense Code field. The system keeps on generating the following popup ‘Please wait while the Expense entry is being created'. This has been fixed so that the screen returns back to the Expense Code field and gives a 'Required Field' error instead.

#3: Bug Fix: Flexible Template - Option to Show/Hide Tax Percentage on the Printed Invoice is not Available

It was reported that a user was unable to view Flexible Template settings to show/hide the Tax1 and Tax2 percentages on the printed invoices. This has been fixed.

#4: Bug Fix: Double of Invoice Total Amount in the Balance Column on Sent Invoices and Payment Allocation Screens

It was reported that some old invoices were showing up as double of the Invoice Total Amount in the 'Balance' columns on Sent Invoices and Payment Allocation screens. Additionally, the report totals were also not matching up. This has been fixed. 

#5: Bug Fix: Invoice Summary with Payment Allocation Report not Showing Allocations

It was reported that on an Invoice Summary with Payment Allocations report the allocation amounts were not showing up. This has been fixed to show the allocations on both the PDF, CSV, and Excel formats of the report.