TimeSolv Version 20211108 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: November 8, 2021

#1: New Feature: Pay Invoice Through Mobile Device From Client Portal

Users can view and pay invoices from the Client Portal using their mobile device through the TimeSolv mobile app. This way, payments can be made on the go without the immediate need for desktop computer access.

#2: Enhancement: Payment Field Editable for Consolidated Invoices via Client Portal

TimeSolv now has the ability to reduce the amount that gets paid against a consolidated invoice when making payments through the Client Portal so that users can make partial payments. 

#3: Enhancement: Custom Fields in Matter Export

The Matter custom fields are now included as named columns in the Matter export so that the custom field values can be appended to the Invoice Summary Report.

#4: Bug Fix: Task Code - Default Rate Does not Get Saved When set to Zero

It was reported that when trying to get a Default Rate on an Activity Code (Task Code) to be $0.00, the Rate field was still showing blank when opened back up. This meant when users used this Activity Code the user's default rate was used rather than the firm's requirement of a zero charge rate. This has been fixed.

#5: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay - ‘’ACH - Manual Entry’’and ‘’Credit Card - Manual Entry’’ Options not Appearing on Trust Replenish Screen

Manual entry options were not available on the Trust Replenish screen for the firms using TimeSolvPay. This has been fixed so that firms using TimeSolvPay have access to manual entry for both Credit Card and ACH.

 #6: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay - Adding “Credit Card on File” at Client or Matter Level, Credit Card Shows “Stored on File in LawPay” 

The credit card population should show the credit card stored on file in TimeSolvPay. Instead of using TimeSolvPay, it showed the credit card stored via LawPay. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay - “Credit Card on File” and “ACH - on File” not Working on Payment Screen

The credit card on file was not working on the Payment screen and could be deleted. This has been fixed so that the payment generated using “Credit Card on File“ should not be deleted via the Payment screen.

#8: Bug Fix: TimeSolvPay - “Credit Card on File” and “Bank Account on File” Disabled on Trust Screen

The credit card/bank account on file appeared if the Trust account on the Matter was added from the Trust screen. This has been fixed so that the credit card on file and bank account on file are disabled for TimeSolvPay Trust. 

#9: Bug Fix: LawPay/LexCharge - "Credit Card on File" and "ACH on File" not Working for Payment, Trust, and Trust Replenish Screens

The “Credit Card on File“ and “ACH - on File” were not working on the Payment screen, Trust screen, and Trust Replenish screen. This has been fixed so that the payment generated using “Credit Card on File“ or “ACH - on File” via LawPay/LexCharge appears in the description and is not deleted from the Payment screen.