TimeSolv Version 20211025 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: October 25, 2021

#1: New Feature: Bi-Weekly and Quarterly Recurring Expense Options

TimeSolv has added more flexibility in terms of setting the frequency of recurring expenses (eg. bi-weekly, quarterly, and semi-annual charges) so firms can comply with the standard charge recurrence intervals.

#2: Enhancement: Show Replenishment Amount as a Line Item on the Invoice

The Trust Replenishment amount is now displayed as a separate line item on the invoice so that users can easily make sense of the 'Total Amount to Pay' displayed on the main page.

#3: Enhancement: Show Previous and Current Balance on Trust screen

Users can now view the Previous and Current Balances for Matters to be visible when viewing Trust transactions for a specific date range so that they can make sense of the information presented on the screen and are aware of any past or future transactions that are outside of the specified date range.  

#4: Enhancement: Single charge option on Trust Replenish screen

TimeSolv has added the ability to process a one-time charge from within TimeSolv using TimeSolvPay so that users do not have to use TimeSolvPay Portal and then manually record the charge into TimeSolv.

#5: Bug Fix: Import - Matter - Unable to import the “Matter” with “Task Code Groups”

It was reported that when a customer was importing Matters with Task Code Groups they were receiving the "Server Internal problem" error each time. When the Task Code Group column was left blank the import was successful. This has been fixed. 

 #6: Bug Fix: Reports - Aged Invoice - Clients are Repeating Throughout the Report 

Multiple customers reported that clients were no longer in alphabetical order and some clients are showing up twice on their Aged Invoice report. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: Payments and Trust screens - Decimal Point Issues

It was noted that on the Payments and Trust screens the decimal point is automatically removed from the 'Amount' textbox when the user takes time to enter the decimal value. When entering the amount of payment, the decimal would disappear. This has been fixed.

#8: Bug Fix: Recurring Expense - Irrelevant Error Message 

An irrelevant error message appeared while creating “Recurring Expenses” under the condition of “Quantity” or “Price Per Unit” fields being left empty or as zero. The error message read "Number of frequency cannot be less than 1 when “Quantity” or “Price Per Unit” is left empty or zero". This has been fixed so that the error message now appears as “Price Per Unit is required’’.

#9: Bug Fix: Payments/Trust Screen - “Amount” Field is not “Set to Zero” After Creating a Payment on both Payment and Trust Screens

The 'Amount' field should be reset to zero after creating a payment on Payment/Trust screens. This was not the case and the issue has been fixed.