TimeSolv Version 20210620 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: June 20, 2021

#1: New Feature: Generate a Report from Conflict Search

Users can now export the Conflict Search results to a PDF file so that it can be shared with other users and to maintain a record for future reference.

#2: New Feature: Recurring Payments with TimeSolvPay

TimeSolvPay users can now schedule recurring/scheduled payments.
#3: Enhancement: Upon Payment Allocation Compute Collected Amount for Tax/Int/Time/Exp
For partial payment allocations the system can now compute the following:
  • Compute allocation level tax/int/time/exp collected

  • Compute ExpenseCard level collected

  • Compute TimeCard level collected

We have patched all historical invoices with more than one allocation. 

#4: Enhancement: Tabs3 DEP - Show Error in Error Column for Negative Amount Entries 

Tabs3 DEP now shows a proper error in the error column of the Time and Expense Card/ Entries file when Time/Entries have a negative amount. 

#5: Bug Fix: Mobile App - Error on Fresh Install

Multiple users reported that upon a fresh install of the TimeSolv mobile app they saw an error preventing them from logging in. For those users that were able to log in, the app showed the loader 'Syncing...' with the error: 'Your application needs to be updated. Tap here to update,' but the user could not tap on the message. This has been fixed.

#6: Bug Fix: Contacts - Duplicates NOT Merging and Referring to Client Portal Even When it's Inactive
It was reported that when trying to merge duplicate contacts some would not merge and an error message was shown: 'Its portal user has been used in other records'. This has been fixed.
#7: Bug Fix: Draft and Sent Invoices List not Sorting Correctly 

It was reported that when sorting through the list of invoices on Drafts and Sent screens, the list was not sorted in the correct alphabetical order by the Project/Matter names. This has been fixed.

#8: Bug Fix: LexCharge - Recurring Payments not Showing in TimeSolv

It was reported that despite having recurring payments set up in LexCharge, those recurring payments were not getting back to TimeSolv and the user was having to manually enter those payments in TimeSolv. This has been fixed.

#9: Bug Fix: Matter - Edit Rate - Rates not Updating for Timekeepers on the Second Page
It was reported that when a user was trying to update the 'Rate' on a Matter for a Timekeeper, the system showed the success message but the rate was in fact not updated. This has been fixed.
#10: Bug Fix: Conflict Search - Previously Searched Values are Appearing with the Current Search
When users clicked on the “Export to Pdf” link, the previously searched record was appearing with the current search. This has been fixed.