TimeSolv Version 20210604 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: June 4, 2021

#1: New Feature: TimeSolvPay

  1. Firm admins can initiate and complete TimeSolvPay Onboarding from within the web app so that they can process payments through TimeSolvPay.
  2. When TimeSolvPay is configured as a Payment Provider, firm admins can store Credit card/Bank account details at both the Client and Matter level. These Credit card/bank account details should then appear under the Payment Settings tab once the information entered on the hosted form has passed the validations and is saved successfully.
  3. Firm admins can link their TimeSolvPay Merchant account to the TimeSolv Bank account so that they can start processing payments.
  4. On the Payments screen, the payment method can automatically be set to 'Credit Card on File' when a Client/Matter is selected that has its payment information (Credit Card/Bank Account) stored on file for TimeSolvPay. When the payment record is saved, the corresponding LedgerEntry records are created in TimeSolv and the charge should successfully appear on the TimeSolvPay portal for the provided account. The payment record should indicate that it has been processed via TimeSolvPay.
  5. On the Refunds screen, the user should be able to issue a full or partial refund for payments made via TimeSolvPay.
  6. Firm staff members can collect payments from Clients through TimeSolvPay using the stored payment methods on the Trust screens.
  7. Clients can make Credit card/ACH payments through the Client Portal so that they can pay the firm for the services that they have rendered.
#2: New Feature: Enforce Task Code Groups for Time Entry Edits

Firm admins can now prevent users from specifying invalid Task Codes when editing Time Entries so as to avoid the manual effort that will be required to fix the bad data. 

#3: Bug Fix: Invoices - Drafts not Generating for Specific Clients & Matters

Multiple customers had reported that they were unable to generate draft invoices for at least one of their Matters despite of having 'Approved' and 'Billable' Time Entries for that date range. This has been fixed.

#4: Bug Fix: Invoices - Drafts not Generating for 'All Matters'

It was reported that when trying to create draft invoices for 'ALL Matters' the system would begin generating the invoices but an error message would still appear. This has been fixed.

#5: Bug Fix: Payment Voided in LexCharge is still Showing in TimeSolv
It was reported that after successfully voiding a payment in Lexcharge it was still showing in Timesolv. This has been fixed.