TimeSolv Version 20210312 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: March 12, 2021

#1: Security Enhancement: Xero - Migrate to OAuth 2.0

TimeSolv migrated Xero to OAuth 2.0 as a security enhancement.

#2: TimeSlips DEP Enhancement: Timeslips DEP 2.20 is Picking Matters from Multiple Fields

The customer wanted their Matters to be pulled from Client References, but the current DEP 2.20 was picking Matters from two fields. To resolve this issue, a new configuration property has been added.

#3: TimeSync Optimization: TimeSync 2.0 - Optimize Client & Matter Dropdown

TimeSolv has optimized the Client & Matter dropdown in TimeSync 2.0 so that it is replaced with LazyLoading Dropdown.

#4: Enhancement: There Should be a Field Plan-Task for Importing the File Time/Expense Which Matters Have Plan-Task Mandatory

Previously, there was no Plan-Task field on the Excel file, so the Matter for which the Plan-Task was mandatory could not be imported. TimeSolv has now added a Plan-Task field on the Excel file.

#5: Bug Fix: Timer is not Showing Correct Time on the Top Right of the Screen

The customer reported an issue with the timer where the on-screen clock runs slow, so when you had the timer running for more than a few minutes there was a noticeable difference between the actual and displayed elapsed time. However, when stopping the timer, the correct amount of time was recorded for the Time Entry. This has been fixed.

#6: Bug Fix: Invoices - Sent - Reset Button Shows all the Invoices to the Non-Admin Users

The customer reported that when non-admin users clicked on the Reset button on the Sent Invoices screen, it showed all the invoices even if the ‘Invoice for My Matters only?’ option was checked under Invoice>Settings. This has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: Trust - AutoPay Did not Work for Some Invoices

The customer reported that they had a Matter set up with Trust AutoPay Invoice, but recently for some of the invoices were not auto-allocated the amount. This has been fixed.