TimeSolv Version 20210113 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: January 13, 2021

#1: Enhancement: Add Support for Automatic Expansion of Abbreviations in New TimeSync App

The new Progressive Web App now supports the automatic expansion of abbreviations so that users do not have to manually click on the ‘Replace Abbreviations’ button.

#2: Enhancement: Display Footer on the Cover Page of the Invoice

The footer now appears on all pages of the invoice including the cover page so that the invoice format is consistent.

#3: Enhancement: Tab Index Should be Correctly set for all Fields on Time and Expense Entry Forms

TimeSolv now offers the option to tab your way from the first field to the last on the Time and Expense Entry screens so as to facilitate quick entry. 

#4: Bug Fix: Split Invoice - Store Split Percentages in Invoice

A customer had a split of 75/25 and ran invoices that way for months. The court changed the split to 55/45, but when the customer made this change in the system all finalized invoice split labels updated to the new 55/45 language but left the math at 75/25. This was caught by the customer and client when they downloaded a historical copy of the invoices. This issue has been fixed.

#5: Bug Fix: Time - Search - Copy/Move - Copied Time Entry Does not Show Updated Hours and Total

A customer reported that copied Time Entry was not showing updated Hours and Total amounts when the entries were pending as well as when the invoice was finalized.

#6: Bug Fix: LexCharge - Warning Messages Don’t Remove Until User Reloads the Page

Warning messages should disappear for LexCharge account which are approved and linked to bank accounts. This was not the case and has been fixed.

#7: Bug Fix: Invoices - No Notification for the Bounced Email

A customer email was bounced but the customer did not receive a notification about it. This has been fixed.

#8: Bug Fix: Expense Entry Switches to Fixed Amount on Split Invoice

An Expense on a Split Matter was created as Quantity and Price Per Unit (which is required for LEDES submissions). But when the invoice was split, the Expenses were switched to Fixed Amounts and thus failed on LEDES vendor submission. This has been fixed.

#9: Bug Fix: Outlook - Duration Field Doesn’t Clear When the User Clicks on Save & Duplicate Button

Duration and Description fields should clear when the user clicks on Save & Duplicate button. This was not the case and has been fixed.

#10: Bug Fix: Time - Task Code & Sub-Task Code are Still Appearing for the 'Not Display' Matter Settings

The Task Code and Sub-task Code fields should not be appearing for the Matter for which the Matter settings are assigned as 'Not Display'. This has been fixed.

#11: Bug Fix: Time - Time Search - The Plan task is Selectable Against the Non-assigned Timekeeper at Copy/Move on Time Search Screen

The Plan Task which is not assigned to the Timekeeper should not be appearing in the drop-down. This has been fixed.

#12: Bug Fix: Time - Time Search - The Assigned Task Code and Sub-Task Code to Plan-Tasks can be Replaceable/Removeable

The assigned Task Code and Sub-Task Codes to Plan-Tasks should not be replaceable/removable. This field has been disabled.

#13: Bug Fix: Time - Copy or Move - Milestones are Appearing in the Plan Task To-Do AutoComplete List

The Milestones should not be appearing in the Plan task To-Do field. This has been fixed.

#14: Bug Fix: Expense - Calendar not Showing 'No Timekeeper' Entries

On the Expense Entry screen, the Calendar (on the left) was not showing the Expenses created for 'No Timekeeper Selected', yet these entries were shown on the lower part of the screen when selecting a specific date. This has been fixed.