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TimeSolv Version 20201215 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: December 15, 2020

#1: New Enhancement: Provide the Option to Separately View Billable, Non-billable, and No-charge Time on the Calendar

The calendar on the Time Entry screen now separately displays daily and monthly totals for Billable, Non-Billable and No-Charge time so that users can quickly view how much Time for each billable type has been recorded for the month.

#2: New Enhancement: Improve the Display of Fixed Fee Invoices in Revenue & Commissions Report

The Revenue and Commissions report now separately shows the invoice and completion date for fixed fee invoices so as to alleviate confusion caused by the inclusion of fixed fee invoices whose invoice date does not fall within the specified date range.

#3: New Enhancement: Ensure Firm Address On Account Activation On Subscription Screen

Ensure that paying customers have entered their address information so that they can be charged the correct tax rate based on the exact location where they are based. The full address is to include street, city, and state as these details are essential for accurate sales tax rate calculation.

#4: New Enhancement: Additional Filters on the Sent Invoices Screen

We have added additional filters on the Sent Invoices screen so that users can easily view the invoices that need to be charged using the new Zero A/R capability.

#5: Tabs3 DEP Enhancements: Add Ability in Tabs3 DEP to Pull Originating and Responsible Timekeeper Info from Tabs3

In Tabs3, users can specify the Originating and Responsible Timekeeper. In order to pull these two elements from Tabs3 to TimeSolv, we needed to add the ability in Tabs3 DEP to pull this information. This enhancement has been completed.

#6: Minor Enhancement: TimeSync 2.0 – Show Confirmation Prompt Before Deleting any Time and Expense Entry

We have added the ability to add a confirmation prompt when a user attempts to delete any Time and Expense entry in TimeSync.

#7: Bug Fix: Time Search – User Copy/Moves the Time entry, the Plan Task To-Do Required Error Messages Appear on Screen

The Plan Task To-Do field was not appearing on the popup. This has been fixed.

#8: Bug Fix: Reports – Realization per Invoice if an Invoice has been Voided to Draft and Generate Report, it is Showing Invoice Number

Invoice Number for Invoice which has been Voided to Draft should not appear on the report. This has been fixed.

#9: Bug Fix: Invoices – Edit Invoice Address – State Defaults to Alabama

If a Contact is edited from a Draft Invoice, the State defaults to ‘Alabama’ while the Original Contact does not have any State selected. This has been fixed.

#10: Bug Fix: Invoices – Contact – Address Line 3 NOT Showing Correctly in Word Format

In address line #3, if the user typed 3 multiple lines of text, the PDF displayed it correctly as multiple lines of text, but if the user downloaded the invoice in Word format, all lines of text appeared on 1 line. This has been fixed.

#11: Bug Fix: When Tax % is the Same for Fee and Expense After Rounding off, it Showed as ‘Fee:12.68’.

When the Tax % is the same for Fee and Expense after rounding off, it was showing as GST (Fee:12.68, Expense:12.68). This has been fixed.

#12: Bug Fix: Expense – System is Asking to Leave Page Upon Clicking Download Button on the Expense Receipt

The system asked a user to ‘Leave’ or ‘Cancel; the operation. If the user clicked ‘Leave’, the receipt got downloaded. This has been fixed.

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