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TimeSolv Version 20201207 Feature Updates & Bug Fixes

Release Date: December 7, 2020

#1: New Feature: Auto-Pay Invoices Using Payment Method on File

We now allow the ability to automatically charge Clients of the firm by using payment information stored on file so that the billing department does not have to spend a full day to manually process them.

#2: New Feature Subset: Send Payment Confirmation Email for Auto-Paid Invoices

Along with the new feature to auto-pay Invoices using the payment method on file, users can also notify Clients when a charge is processed for an Invoice using their payment information stored on file so that they are instantly notified of the transaction.

#3: New Feature Subset: ShareFile Link Missing for Payment Confirmation Email of Auto-Paid Invoices > 10 MB

ShareFile link has been added for a payment confirmation email that is sent for auto-paid invoices that are > 10 MB.

#4: New Feature: TimeSync 2.0 – Replaced TimeSync with TimeSolv Progressive Web App

#5: Minor Enhancement: Remove Verbiage to Send Back with Payment from Remittance Page

The text ‘Please include with Payment’ is removed from under the Remittance copy heading on the invoice as firms no longer receive payment checks.

#6: Tabs3 Enhancements: Add Ability in Tabs3 DEP to Pick Client Contact Information from Billing Preferences, Contact Association Level, and Pick Invoice Delivery Method

In Tabs3 Billing Preferences, users can now add Additional Contacts which is then used to send invoices. Additionally, users can define and customize the association level of contact for each Client and Matter in Tabs3 DEP to pick the contact association level based on customer requirements. And finally, in Tabs3 users can define and customize the invoice delivery method for every contact to pick a delivery method based on customer requirements.

#7: Bug Fix: Invoices – Expense Receipt is Duplicating on the Printed Invoice

A customer reported when the attached Expense receipt is reviewed at the end of the invoice it is appearing twice, including the header page that details which Expense the receipt is for. This has been fixed.

#8: Bug Fix: Timekeeper – Matters – Search is not Fetching Matched Client Names

Under Account>Timekeeper (select)>Matters tab, the search functionality was not searching Client names. This has been fixed.

#9: Bug Fix: Narratives – Paid Invoice Email Message is not Appearing for Newly Created Clients and Matters Under Invoice Settings

Paid Invoice Email Message should be available under the Narratives Section for newly created Clients and Invoices. This was not the case and has been fixed.

#10: Bug Fix: Registration – Trial Firm – Owner is Prompted to Change Their Password Upon First Login

Multiple prospects reported they had gone through the registration process to start their trial firm, and after completing the registration when logging in using the same credentials provided during registration the TimeSolv app forced them to change their password upon first login. This was frustrating to most of the prospects as they had just set their password during the registration. This has been fixed.

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